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Social Worker Appears on recent episode of MTV’s “True Life”

Social worker Amie Eipers (inset) counseled Justin Raxter on a recent episode of MTV's "True Life." Photos courtesy of MTV and

National Association of Social Workers member Amie Eipers offers encouraging advice to a young man who has run afoul of the law on “I’m a Sex Offender,” a recent episode of MTV’s “True Life” documentary series.

“True Life” covers issues teenagers and young adults face, including drug addiction, eating disorders, and sexuality.

In the episode Eipers, MSW, LCSW, who works for Gina Spielman, LCSW and Associates in Naperville, Ill., counsels Justin Raxter.

Raxter was 18 and playing in a rock band when he dated a 15-year-old girl. He was charged with child pornography for having photographs and videos of the girl, although those charges were dropped.

However, Raxter is required to file as a sex offender for 10 years, his reputation was ruined, and he had difficulty finding work.

Eipers listened to Raxter’s problems and gave him advice on how to overcome this situation. In an earlier interview, Eipers said she believes laws that target adult sexual predators can be unfair to young people such as Raxter.

“This is something that happened to you, not who you are,” she told Raxter in the episode, which was filmed a year ago but began airing this week.

Amie Eipers meets with Justin Raxter. Screenshot courtesy of MTV. caught up with Eipers this afternoon. She was in her car in a snowstorm going to pick up her child.

“The response to the episode has been all good,” she said. “Everybody has been completely supportive.”

Eipers last saw Raxter just before the Christmas holidays. She said he is doing well and attending college. In fact, he is lobbying to change sexual predator laws in Illinois so they do not unfairly impact other young people.

To watch the episode on MTV’s Website click here. And to learn more about how social workers help young people overcome life’s hurdles visit the National Association of Social Workers’ “Help Starts Here” Kids & Families Website by clicking here.



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