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Social Worker is love interest on FX crime drama “Justified”

Amy Smart. Photo courtesy of

Amy Smart. Photo courtesy of

Actress Amy Smart  is portraying a social worker named Allison and the love interest of the main character on the popular FX crime drama “Justified.”

“It’s such a fun dynamic and lots of drama and shooting and love,” Smart said about her role in this interview with Celebified. “It has all the fun ‘Justified’ elements.”

“Justified,” which had its fifth season premiere this month, follows maverick U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (actor Timothy Olyphant).

Raylan  is transferred back to his home state of Kentucky after shooting a mob hitman in Miami. He finds himself battling rival rural drug gangs whose members include some people he has known since childhood.

Allison made her first appearance on “Justified” this week.

She is helping Loretta McCready (actress Kaitlyn Dever), the daughter of a marijuana farmer who was killed by rivals. Raylan has promised to come to Loretta’s aid whenever he needs her, but the teenager tries to avenge her father and continues to dabble in crime and ends up in jail at the beginning of the fifth season.

Raylan wants to keep her imprisoned to teach her  a lesson but Allison says this is the wrong approach. Loretta has already been in foster care.

“You law guys — you only know one way to do things,” Allison says to Raylan. “You think leaving her in there all alone will scare her straight. But what it really does is make her feel nobody gives a (expletive) about her.”

Despite the disagreement Raylan asks Allison for her number and the social worker challenges him to use his law enforcement skills to track her down. The two end up on a date.

Social worker Allison meets U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Screenshot courtesy of Huffington Post.

Social worker Allison meets U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Screenshot courtesy of Huffington Post.

Smart, 37, gained notice in films such as the sci-fi fantasy “The Butterfly Effect” (2004) and the comedy “Road Trip” (2000). “Justified” has been renewed for a sixth and final season in 2015 but it is uncertain whether Allison’s role will continue after this year.

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