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FX mum about true nature of mysterious social worker on “The Bridge”

Australian actor Thomas M. Wright stars as social worker Steven Linder on "The Bridge." Photo courtesy of FX.

Australian actor Thomas M. Wright stars as social worker Steven Linder on “The Bridge.” Photo courtesy of FX.

In last week’s premiere of the FX crime drama “The Bridge” (Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern) social worker Steven Linder meets a prostitute in Mexico’s gritty city of Juarez.

However, he doesn’t offer her help to leave a life in the streets.

Instead Linder (actor Thomas M. Wright) brusquely invites her to get in the trunk of his car, smuggles her across the border to the United States, and locks her in a trailer in the middle of the desert outside of El Paso.

Odd actions for a social worker. contacted FX to find out what will happen next with this social worker character.

“At this point there is a lot of mystery surrounding the character, as you saw, so we don’t want to release any further information besides our general character description at this time,” FX spokesman Dominic Pagone said via email.

However, Pagone said the network’s general character description should give viewers a bit more information about what is really up with Linder:

Steven Linder is a rogue social worker who employs unconventional means to help those under his care because he understands the horrifying reality of Juarez. His repeated trips across the border attract unwanted attention from all sides.

The “Bridge,” follows two investigators from opposite sides of the U.S./Mexico border who are tracking a serial killer who murders in both jurisdictions. Sonya Cross (actress Diane Kruger) of the El Paso police department, who has a mild form of autism, and Marco Ruiz (actor Demian Bichir) of the Chihuahua state police, also have very different approaches to solving crimes.




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