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Exclusive: “Love Bites” Creator Says Show Will Not Have Social Worker as Main Character

Cindy Chupack. Photo courtesy of the Humanitas Prize.

News reports said “Love Bites,” a proposed dramedy on NBC, would feature a social worker named Annie as the main character.

However “Love Bites” creator Cindy Chupack, a former writer and executive producer for HBO’s hit “Sex and the City,” telephoned Wednesday evening to say plans have changed.

Annie’s profession will be a Museum of Natural History worker instead of a social worker, she said.

“I wanted to call you myself because basically I had originally written that Annie was going to be a social worker,” Chupack explained. “But we’ve since changed it.”

“They had that wrong in the press and I’ve been complaining that it’s not updated and now I got your interview request and I was like, ‘See, we have to update this.'” knows some social workers will be disappointed by this development. Chupack offered some consolation.

“I’m still a big supporter of social workers and we’ll have some character who is,” she said.

Becki Newton, a star of the cancelled series “Ugly Betty,” will reportedly play “Annie,” at least in the pilot episode. The program is supposed to examine love, relationships and marriage. Chupack said it is still uncertain whether NBC executives will like the show and pick it up.

“We don’t even know — we’re not on the air yet,” she said. “We’re a contender to be on the air next fall at NBC.”

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  1. Completely disappointing…… and replaced by a Museum Worker??

  2. I’m really looking forward to this show to see Becki Newton shine as an actress. She has survived four season on “Ugly Betty” with the role, Amanda, and it will be quite interesting to see Ms. Newton try her hand at a completely opposite role. I hope that NBC does pick this show up.

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