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And the winners of the 2019 NASW Media Awards are…

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Media Awards each year during Social Work Month  recognizes media professionals and outlets that help raise awareness about social work or issues important to the social work profession.

The 2019 winners are:



Instant Family

@instantfamily @TigNotaro @octaviaspencer @markwahlberg   

In the film “Instant Family” Pete and Ellie (actors Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne) are an attractive, successful couple nearing middle age who become foster parents for three Latinx siblings.  But don’t look for this to be a stereotypical movie about white saviors who swoop in to save black or brown children. The film realistically shows the rewards and challenges of being a foster or adoptive parent. And actors Octavia Spencer and Tig Notaro do a bang-up job portraying social workers Karen and Sharon, who run a support group for prospective parents.



Jenny Rough

Jenny Rough

Childhood trauma brings its own health problems for foster families

Jenny Rough, The Washington Post 


The back-and-forth system of reuniting families, separating them again or moving them among foster homes further traumatizes children. Reporter Jenny Rough interviewed social worker Anne Moody, author of The Children Money Can Buy,” and other social workers to learn more about the experiences of these children and how to help them.


JakeBullingerWhy companies need to hire social workers

Jake Bullinger, Fast Company 


Companies will increasingly need social workers in the future to make workplaces a more hospitable place and enable corporations to better serve their customers and communities.


SarahVarneyListless and Lonely in Puerto Rico

Sarah Varney, NPR


In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria many older adults in Puerto Rico grappled with the loss of not only material possessions but also their daily routines, such as going to church. Many have become isolated and the suicide rate in Puerto Rico climbed. Reporter Sarah Varney looked at the issue and spotlight the work of social workers and other mental health providers in serving this vulnerable population.

TV News

GoodMorningAmericaSocial Workers in the Library

Good Morning America


A University of Maryland’s School of Social Work program was highlighted in this news segment about how social workers in Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Free Libraries offer services that help city residents. Social worker Kimberly Street, a National Association of Social Workers member who is director of the Social Work in the Library program, is featured.



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