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NASW Media Awards

Social Work Month 2011 - Social Work MattersSocial workers have incredible stories to tell. Every day they help people from all walks of life find renewed hope and improve their opportunities.

Although most work behind the scenes with little recognition, professional social workers are increasingly showcased in the media with the help of reporters, columnists, bloggers and television producers, film and documentary writers and directors.  This year NASW wants to recognize media professionals who help raise awareness about social work services in communities and critical social issues.

 NASW invites you to nominate newspaper articles, newspaper columns, magazine stories, websites, blogs, radio segments, television news programs, network and cable TV shows, commercial films and documentaries that you think best portrayed the social work profession in 2011. Nominations will be accepted online from January 1 through 31, 2012.

NASW members will be asked to vote on the finalists during Social Work Month in March.

Submit as many separate entries as you wish. The winners of the 2012 NASW Media Awards will be announced in April.

If you have questions about nominations or voting please contact Greg Wright at  Thanks for your support!

Nominations have closed.  

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