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News Items – January 9, 2012

Loving the job, but hating the student loan debt
Tracy Whitaker, director of the National Association of Social Workers’ Center for Workforce Studies, said it can be discouraging for social workers to realize that they owe more in student loan debts than they will earn in their entire first year on the job. In a survey of the organization’s members, conducted a few years ago, nearly half of the respondents said their debt load was “unreasonable,” while about two in 10 called it “unmanageable.” “We’re pretty concerned about the kinds of debt that social workers are graduating with,” Whitaker said. “That debt load is considerably different from 20 or 30 years ago.”

New Report Highlights College Majors That Lead to Job Opportunities
U.S. News University
For instance, while students who study architecture could face unemployment rates around 13.9% due to the struggling construction sector, majoring in a subject like psychology or social work leads you into an industry with a much lower figure of 7.3%.

END OF THE WAR: The new veterans
San Angelo Standard Times
Juan Rubio served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan as a Navy combat medic. Rubio is battling post-traumatic stress disorder while volunteering as a counselor to other veterans. He said he may pursue a degree in social work to help others.

Where Have All the Doctors Gone?
At Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, launched in 2004, teams of medical, nursing, public-health, and social-work students serve individual families in low-income neighborhoods. They spend four years collecting data on the families’ health problems and developing plans of care to address them.

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