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What social workers can do to promote social justice for black and brown women

Crystal M. Hayes, MSW.

Crystal M. Hayes, MSW.

The Black Lives Matter movement has focused attention on police shootings of men who are black and societal racial and criminal justice reforms.

But what about women of color who have also been shot by police? Is Korryn Gaines as well known as Eric Garner or Michael Brown?

National Association of Social Workers member Crystal M. Hayes wrote a Huffington Post article that challenged social workers to do a better job in promoting social justice, fighting racism, and recognizing how gender intersects and shapes these issues.

Hayes, MSW, is pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Connecticut and is an adjunct professor at Smith College. She offered five actions social workers can take to support anti-racist social work practice that puts the Black Lives Matter movement at the center with lens on the experiences of women and girls of color.

One of these steps is pushing for social workers to be first responders when there is a mental health situation instead of police.

Read the full article to learn the other steps Hayes recommended.

Social workers are committed to social justice and equal rights for all. Learn more by reading the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and visiting NASW’s Diversity and Equity website.



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