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Social worker’s radio program spotlights Association for Mental Health and Wellness

(From Left to Right) Mike Stoltz, LMSW, CEO, Anne-Marie Montijo - Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives, Marcelle Leis – Director, Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Support Project, Skeery Jones - Host, Silas W. Kelly - Member of The Board of Directors

(From Left to Right) Mike Stoltz, LCSW, CEO of the Association for Mental Health and Wellness; Anne-Marie Montijo, deputy director for strategic initiatives; Marcelle Leis, director Joseph P. Dwyer, Veterans Peer Support Project; Skeery Jones, host and Silas W. Kelly, member of the board of directors.

To honor Mental Health Awareness Week New York’s WHTZ 100.3-FM did a radio segment on the Association for Mental Health and Wellness.

Here is a link to the audio interview. You can listen to it in a variety of formats.

The Association for Mental Health and Wellness in Suffolk County helps people facing psychiatric disabilities, those experiencing mental health issues for the first time, and veterans. Social worker Mike Stoltz, LCSW, is the CEO and National Association of Social Workers member Silas Kelly, LMSW, serves on the board of directors.

Ways to Listen: Radio: WHTZ 100.3- FM, Internet:, Satellite Radio: XM, Ch.12, Your Phone/IPOD: Download the “I Heart Radio”app to your phone at

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  1. Hello Mr. Wright:

    Once again, thank you for a great assist in getting coverage and publicity for the upcoming broadcast on Z-100. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

    Thanks for helping the Association for Mental Health and Wellness get the message out about, “Mental Health Awareness Week”, 10/2/16 to 10/8/16.

    For more information about the wide variety of events and activities taking place all wek long people can log onto; or

    Thanks !!

    Silas Kelly

  2. Hello Mr. Wright:

    Thank you once again for posting the audio file for those who would like to listen. Your ongoing efforts to promote and publicize our Social Work profession is truly to be commended.

    You are certainly an asset to all of us at NASW.

    Silas W. Kelly, LMSW – CMHT
    NASW-NYS – Suffolk Division Member
    “Social Work Media Specialist”

  3. Thank you Mr. Kelly! It’s an honor to work for such a great profession.

    Greg Wright
    NASW Public Relations Manager

  4. Hello Mr. Wright:

    I hope you had a great holiday season. Please accept my wishes for all the best in the New Year.

    I am writing to ask when can people start submitting their work for media award consideration? Please advise. Thank you.

    Silas W. Kelly, LMSW

  5. Hello Mr. Wright:

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing for two reasons. First, is a person allowed to submit more than 1 selection for consideration of a media award?

    Secondly, Our Suffolk Division has gotten quite a boost from enthusiastic “Student Involvement” recently.

    They were one of the main features at our recent division tour, which was very successful. The students took it upon themselves to create a fantastic survey and administered it to students from the 3 schools of Social Work in Suffolk County, NY about what would make NASW Membership more appealing to them. They presented their findings by sharing the survey with all of us at the Division Tour sponsored by our NY State Chapter.

    I would like to publicize their work and share the survey. Please let me know if that is possible. Thank you.

    Silas Kelly

  6. Silas:

    Thanks for contacting us. You can submit more than one entry. And please email the results of the survey to so I can pass it on to the folks who handle membership.

    Thanks much!

    Greg Wright
    NASW Public Relations Manager

  7. Hello Greg:

    Please advise as to when the nominations period will open for the media awards.

    Thank you,

    Silas Kelly, LMSW

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