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Social Worker’s Radio Program Focuses on Woman’s Cross Country Bike Ride To Raise Money to Address Homelessness, Hunger

Sarah O'Conner at the end of her 4,000-mile trip in Santa Monica, California. Photo courtesy of Silas Kelly.

Sarah O’Conner at the end of her 4,000-mile trip in Santa Monica, California. Photo courtesy of Silas Kelly.

National Association of Social Workers member Silas Kelly, who co-produces and co-hosts a segment on New York’s Z-100.3 FM radio, recently did a program on a woman who biked across the country to raise thousands of dollars to combat hunger and homelessness.

Adelphi University graduate Sarah O’Conner biked 4,000 miles from George Washington Bridge in New York City to California, arriving in The Golden State on August 17.

O’Conner hopes her trip will raise $25,000 by October 31 to benefit The INN, or The Interfaith Nutrition Network, in Hempstead, NY. The INN, which employs several licensed social workers, addresses hunger and homelessness on Long Island by providing food, shelter, long-term housing and supportive services.

It also operates soup kitchens, a food pantry, emergency shelters and long-term housing.

To hear more about O’Conner’s journey take time to listen to the segment.

Social workers help people overcome life’s challenges, including homelessness and hunger. To learn more visit the National Association of Social Workers’ website.



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  1. Hello Greg:

    Once again I send out a heartfelt note of thanks to you for providing coverage of Ms. Sarah O’Connor’s INNcredible “Cross-Country Bikeride”.

    The organization she is aiming to help is simply fantastic!! The interfaith Nutrition Network provides a wide array of services to the most needy and vulnerable all across Long Island, NY.

    Thank you for publicizing this great fundraiser and this wonderful organization!!

    Silas W. Kelly, LMSW
    NASW Member

  2. Congratulations Sarah and continued success on your journey! Thank you Silas for keeping us updated and sharing this wonderful news! #AdelphiProud

  3. Thank you to Mr. Greg Wright, Mr. Silas Kelly and Skeery Jones of Z-100 Radio for publicizing this amazing journey to raise awareness for The INN!! It’s truly wonderful of all of you!!

  4. What a great cause! I wish her the best of luck!

  5. If someone wants to make a difference in the world, this is one way to do it. Smashing windows and burning cars isn’t. Sarah put in an enormous effort and if it works, many people who otherwise might go hungry, won’t. She’s got my vote.

  6. I want to congratulate Sarah O’Connor for her committment and perseverance in completing her ride across America to raise money for the Interfaith Nutrition Network. She has demonstrated her strength of character under all types of situations during her ride. It is a testament to her family upbringing in being able to reach past herself in order to help others. God bless her and INN.

  7. I am proud to say that I have known Sarah O’Connor since the day she was born. She is one of the most lovely and talented young ladies I have ever met. Sarah has volunteered to help the poor and needy since she was in high school. It is no surprise to me that she used all her strength and energy to bike across country for such a worthy cause. Congratulations Sarah!

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