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Social Work Makes Yahoo 2012 Five Hot Career List

Image courtesy of Yahoo.

Yahoo said social work is expected to be one of five careers with the hottest potential in 2012.

The profession is expected to grow by 16 percent between 2008 and 2016, Yahoo said in this article.

Other promising career choices for 2012 are teaching, medical  and health services management; accounting and network and computer systems administration.

We encourage readers to use National Association of Social Workers resources to get the most reliable information on the social work profession. To learn more about the social work labor force and social work salaries visit the NASW’s Center for Workforce Studies Website by clicking here. And to get information on how to enter the social work field, click here to visit NASW’s “Be A Social Worker” Website, which offers information on the various kinds of social work and accredited social work schools.

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  1. I agree that it is valuable to note such lisings as this from Yahoo. Many, particularly young people, rely upon such sites as Yahoo for information. But I have to express a word of great caution and concern. The brief notice posted here includes two hyperlinks. The second one, in bold, links to an information packed resource hosted by the NASW. BUT THE FIRST LINK noted above, is back to the Yahoo source article. In the Yahoo article is the comment / link: “Click here to find the right social work program.” I suspect that for most people, once they’ve clicked on that first hyper link, you’ve lost them.

    When you click that first link, you are then sent to a site that asks for your personal demographics, ostensibly to find the right school for you. Once you’ve provided that information you are sent on to a series of colleges or universities sites from which you can request further information about “social work degrees.” THE TROUBLE IS THAT NONE OF THE 15 COLLEGES OR UNIVERSITIES I WAS REFERED ON TO, OFFERS A DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK. NOT ONE!

    In the past I have year I have pursued numerous such online referals to several of these schools and been (erroniously) assured by their admissions counselors that their social work programs are “fully accredited” and that their graduates will have no problem qualifying for state licensure as social workers.

    I would also note that the Yahoo article suggests: “Education Options: If you’re interested in a career as a social worker, consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or sociology.” Again, not one of the schools listed offeres a degree in social work.

    I would think that the NASW would want to be particularly attentive to noting and addressing such matters. Particularly when distributed on their own web site. Gary Bachman MSSW

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