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Pamphlet Offers Advice to Parents of Mormon LGBT Youth

Caitlin Ryan

National Association of Social Workers member Caitlin Ryan has co-produced a pamphlet to help Mormon parents accept having a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered child, according to this article in the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Ryan, PhD, ACSW, is director of the San Francisco State University Family Acceptance Project, an organization that works to decrease suicide, drug abuse and other major health risks among LBGT youth.

Ryan co-authored the Mormon outreach pamphlet with Robert Rees, a former Mormon bishop who has worked with his church’s gay population.

Ryan’s organization plans to issue similar pamphlets targeted at other faiths.

Caitlin Ryan will do a pre-conference workshop entitled “The Critical Role of Families in Reducing Risks and Promoting Well-Being for LGBT Children and Youth” on Sunday July 22 at the National Association of Social Workers’ Restoring Hope: The Power of Social Work national conference. To learn more about the conference and other invited speakers click here.

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