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Overweight Child Removed from Home

Child protection officials removed a 200-pound Ohio third-grader from his home over concern his mother could not control his weight, according to this Cleveland Plain Dealer article.

The article used the term social worker and caseworker to describe Cuyahoga County officials who monitored the family and decided to place him in foster care.

The child is severely obese and in danger of developing hypertension or diabetes. This is the first time state officials recall a child has been put in foster care for purely weight-related issue.

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  1. WT Hell does anyone think? Do you think foster care will be any better? Foster care “parents” are commonly known to just take the cash and run. They will probably starve the child. Leave the child with the parent(s) and have a social worker/health worker check on status.

  2. Social workers & the states have too much power. We need to ratify the U.N. treaty for the rights of children. Go to parental rights dot org and sign the petition.

  3. I agree. No good can come from putting that child in Foster care. Who do they think they are? This is the government at it’s worse. Get out of our business, and try taking care of the kids you already have in the system. It’s not like you have any kind of great reputation with foster care anyway, clean up your own act first.

  4. So WRONG! Regardless of any medical/health condition, the mental/emotional damage of removing a child from their home will be MUCH worse! We must ALWAYS take care of the WHOLE body . . not just “pieces”. Court mandated counseling/nutrition guidance would have been the “best” that could be done. My comments are provided the family was in no way “force feeding” the child and/or emotionally, verbally, physically, sexually or other wise abusing the child to the point he was self-medicating with food; in which case the removal would not have been JUST for being overweight.

  5. I guess we are not considering education on healthy eating habits and diet programs? We can send kids to “The Biggest Loser” but we cannot keep them in their home? I am disgusted with this article!

  6. I too feel this was ridiculous. Especially if the child is an emotional eater. Although childhood obesity is a concern, they should have worked with the child and family in his home before removal.

  7. It just goes to show who is the real parent. Our rights as parents are being taken over by the governments and their special systems. I can’t even correct my child in public because everyone stares at you like your abusing them. Being a parent and abusing your child are two different things! It’s just sad that our society has become this way and they wonder why this generation commits so many crimes. Being and over weight child is not abuse!!!

  8. Articles like these make social workers like us look bad…


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