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News Items – September 19, 2014

Laura Lewis is a member:
U.S. poverty rate drops for first time since 2006
Erie Times-News (Erie, PA)
“The poverty threshold is set low, so even though more people are above the poverty level, they’re still experiencing severe economic hardship,” said Laura Lewis, an area social worker and Mercyhurst University professor who has been a key player with Erie Together, the region’s anti-poverty initiative. “The economy has gotten better, and more people are able to work, but it doesn’t mean people are doing well,” Lewis said. “Any reduction in (the poverty level) is encouraging, but by no means are things OK. The need is still there for tens of millions of people.”

John Hamel is a member:
Program that accepted Rice rare in domestic cases
Associated Press
People who commit domestic violence can be rehabilitated, and more cases should probably go into pretrial diversion programs than to trial, said John Hamel, a San Francisco-based social worker who founded the Association of Domestic Violence Intervention Providers. But most domestic violence cases involve pushing or shoving, or maybe throwing an object, Hamel noted. The level of violence in the Rice video was so extreme that Hamel believes the NFL player should have been dealt with more harshly. “It looked like she was moving toward him to hit him or something,” Hamel said. “He could have grabbed her, but he knocked her out.”

For the Love of Money: 5 Observations on Social Workers & Money from the 2014 NASW Conference in Washington, DC
Social Work Helper
However, evidence of this increased interest on the topic of business and entrepreneurship by social workers was most notably apparent at the recent NASW Conference in Washington, D.C. During the four-day conference, and especially among the conversations at the Financial breakout sessions, I personally observed several nuances that indicated an increased readiness on the part of social workers to talk openly about their not-so-secret desires for more money and increase their prowess in making it.  Specifically, I left the conference with five observations that I hope will help us all feel more comfortable when speaking on the topic of money and business.

Carol Brill is a member, and former director of NASW-MA:
Berkeley: Longtime organizer tackles income inequality
Contra Costa Times
Most Mondays since Sept. 12, 2011, you can find Harry Brill with 40 or so protesters near the top of Solano Avenue, chanting, singing and waving placards: “Save Social Security, Raise the Minimum Wage; It’s Time For A New, New Deal.… While he credits artist Evelyn Glaubman with planning the first rally, it has been Brill and his wife Carol who organize the weekly demonstrations.

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