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News Items – October 8, 2013

WI lawmakers get busy with more than a dozen bills
Wisconsin Reporter
Marc Herstand, executive director of the Wisconsin chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, opposes the legislation. Most inmates are destitute, he said. “To make them pay and deal with that bill when they get out, when they’re trying to get established is another barrier to them getting reintegrated in society. The real focus needs to be on treatment for ex-offenders and helping them reintegrate in society.”

Child Protective Services team keeps watchful eye on community’s most vulnerable
Las Vegas Sun
Enter Earhart, a member of Child Protective Services’ five-and-under team. It’s her job to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect against, arguably, the community’s most vulnerable population — children 5 years old and younger who can’t always verbalize what’s happened to them.

Bebe Smith: Homeless dying on our streets
Chapel Hill News
Last month three people were struck by cars and killed in Chapel Hill. All three were members of our community and they were homeless. I am writing to call on our community to do more to help prevent our most vulnerable citizens from dying on the streets.

Glenn Stone: Don’t overlook value of social workers
The Star Press
Did you know that “social work” is a licensed profession in the state of Indiana and only those who meet the educational requirements and pass an exam can actually call themselves social workers? It’s true. This helps to ensure that the quality of assistance given by a social worker is consistent and ethical.

Caution Urged on Postpartum Link to Car Chase
ABC News
“Women need not go into secrecy if they’re struggling,” said William Meyer, a clinical social worker and associate professor at Duke University Medical Center. “Women who suffer from depression do not, except in really extreme, exceptional cases, ever hurt their babies, ever put their babies in harm’s way.”

Gay men, lesbians struggle to find caregivers and old-age facilities that don’t discriminate
The Washington Post
“If you’re getting public assistance, you often have very little say on who’s assigned to you,” said Wendy Lustbader, a University of Washington professor of social work who specializes in aging. “Many people actually accept various kinds of abuse from health-care workers because they are dependent on their care.”

NASW-NYS Leads The Way For Social Work Advocacy
Social Justice Solutions
Social workers can be hard on the NASW, they are they obvious target for complaints about the health of the profession. In many ways working for the NASW can be thankless, our advocates are so busy fighting for us that they have little time to fight for themselves by promoting what they are accomplishing. NASW-NYS is one such chapter and they are doing amazing work.

‘This is a crisis’: Social service workers speak about sequester impacts with congressman
“This is the meanest environment I have ever worked in, in 54 years of social work,” said Catherine DeCheser, president and CEO of the Community Planning and Advocacy Council, or CPAC. “It’s unconscionable what’s going on in Washington.”

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