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News Items – October 5, 2016

thinkstockphotos-587523840Joanne Goldblum is a member:
With White House push, diaper gap comes into view
Miami Tribune
“Most of our anti-poverty programs miss the details,” said Joanne Goldblum, a former social worker who is the CEO and founder of the diaper network. “They look at the big picture and they don’t look at the small picture. And the truth is that it’s the little things that impact most people’s day-to-day lives more than anything else.”

A profile of Joanne Goldblum:
When a Diaper Makes All The Difference
Hartford Courant
Joanne Samuel Goldblum grew up in New Jersey, the daughter of politically active parents, including a mother who for a time ran a Planned Parenthood clinic. She attended Hunter College, where she was schooled in the Jane Addams way of social work. Addams, the mother of the modern social worker movement and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was not a clinician, as some social workers are trained to be now. Addams advocated correcting the failures of a system that does not offer the same opportunities for all.

Steve Burton is a past president of the NASW-WV:
Steven L. Burton: Compassion for addicts will aid whole communities
Charleston Gazette-Mail
Every day, we see headlines that highlight the growing addiction epidemic in West Virginia. We read about overdoses, arrests and child neglect, all attributed to substance abuse. It is killing our children, exhausting our emergency responders and destroying our future. These stories are predictably followed by water cooler conversations, social media rants and online comments that follow a common theme.

Patrice Williams is the MSW NASW-NC Student Liaison for UNC Charlotte:
UNCC students stage Scott protest
University of North Carolina at Charlotte students staged a protest in response to the shooting of a Keith Scott last week minutes away from campus. “It happened in our area,” said Patrice Williams, a masters in social work student at UNCC. “We will no longer let this go silent.” Williams led a chant of “hands up, don’t shoot,” near the student union. They started with about 15 people, but as they looped around campus the crowd grew larger. This is the second demonstration on UNCC campus since the Scott shooting. Students and faculty of all raced joined in.

Thomas “Tab” Ballis is a member:
[Audio] Communique: “Park View Project” Raising Funds For Film About 1990 Wilmington Hate Crime
In Wilmington in 1990, 32-year-old lesbian Talana Kreeger was brutally murdered. Tab Ballis, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has been working on a film to tell Talana’s story for 10 years: Park View (“Park View” was the name of the lesbian bar where Talana met her murderer on Carolina Beach Road).

Jack Register is a member:
[Video] In Depth: NAMI NC Conference Addresses Key Issues
Time Warner Cable News
On Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th, NAMI NC will hold their 14th annual conference, touching on some of the most important topics dealing with mental illness.  During the two day conference, experts will discuss brain injuries, sexual violence, post-deployment adjustment, supporting the LGBTQ community, physical therapy for the brain, and living with traumatized children just to make a few. We go In Depth with the organization’s Executive Director, Jack Register, for a glimpse inside the conference, and what he says needs to be the focus on mental illness heading into the November election. For more information on NAMI NC or mental illness, visit their website.

Charles E. Lewis: Voting Is Social Work
Social Justice Solutions
Chapters of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in Alabama, Michigan, and other states have been actively engaged in getting people registered in time to participate in the November 8 election. The national body of NASW, has joined forces with Rock the Vote, the online magazine Social Work Helper, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), and the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW) to conduct a voter registration campaign until the end of September that urges social workers to register at least five people to vote using the Social Work Helper mobile app, online registration forms or mail-in forms.

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