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News Items – October 3, 2011

UConn social work dean to be honored by NAACP
Norwalk Plus Magazine
By University of Connecticut Storrs, CT – Salome Raheim, dean of the University of Connecticut’s School of Social Work, has been named as one of the 100 Most Influential Blacks in Connecticut for 2011 by the state conference of the NAACP.

Half in battered women’s shelters are kids
Jeffrey Edleson, professor of social work at the University of Minnesota, said an online training program aims to elevate children’s voices, so service providers may better understand and respond to the children and families they serve.

School social workers must not be cut
Ct Post
As the Bridgeport Board of Education deliberates on the school budget, one area it must not cut further is the school social work services. The Social Work Department of Bridgeport Schools has already lost seven positions. This means that 700 children who previously were receiving services are no longer being reached.

D.C. Public Schools Students Survey Reveals High Rates Of Sex, Fear And Suicide Attempts
The Huffington Post
D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson had some revealing statistics to share with city council members Tuesday — almost 10 percent of 8th graders have attempted suicide.

Unmaking a bully: Watch the video
Albany Times Union (blog)
“Unfortunately, bullying is one of the issues that comes up at school,” says Cindy Skala, the school’s social worker, who consulted on the film. “Bullying is nothing new, but attitudes about it have changed. Some of those things that were accepted as part of the norm aren’t as accepted as part of the norm any longer.”

Why exercise is so helpful with weight loss
Times News Inc.
To reinforce this, I mentioned landmark research performed by Albert Stunkard at the University of Pennsylvania in 1959 that found the dieting failure rate to be 95 percent and how new estimates, such as the one by Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel, licensed clinical social workers and co-authors of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook (Sourcebooks, 2006), had it as high as 98 percent.

Book offers resources for mothers of the abused
Roseville Press Tribune
A Roseville clinical social worker has written a book focused on one person with a huge impact on survivors of sexual abuse: mom. In doing so, she has published what she considers a much-needed book in a limited field of literature focused on aiding mothers of children who have been abused. There are plenty of books aimed at survivors, the family as a whole and perpetrators, she said. Kim Johnson’s book, “Mothers of Molestation Survivors: Supporting Moms to Make a Difference in Their Children’s Lives,” was released in late August.

Somali pirates face hard time in US prison
BBC News
“They have all the stressors associated with prison,” says Frederic Reamer, a professor of social work at Rhode Island College with extensive experience working in prisons and a member of the Rhode Island state parole board.

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