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News Items – October 16, 2018

bereavementBill Lamb is a member:
Study questions value of star rating system for adult care homes
Carolina Public Press
Bill Lamb, executive director of the Friends of Residents in Long Term Care, generally expressed support for the report’s findings. But he said he hopes that the work group’s conclusions don’t lead to the wrong reaction by policymakers. “Even though there are issues that we all have (with the star rating system) some consumer information is better than none at all,” he said. He favors reasonable improvements to the system based on the study, rather than abandoning continued ratings altogether.

Linda Rosenberg is a member:
[Video] Minding America’s Mental Health
ABC Action News (Tampa Bay, FL)
A new online survey by The Cohen Veterans Network and The National Council for Behavioral Health finds that, despite increasing demand, a lack of awareness of services and social stigma around seeking mental health care, persists in America. The root cause? Lack of access due to cost, limited resources, funding, social stigma and distance/ability to secure an appointment. Now more than ever, this must change. Anthony M. Hassan, Ed. D, LCSW and Linda Rosenberg, MSW are on hand to shine a light on this growing issue and how to reduce it by eliminating the social stigma of mental illness. Plus key information on how to access services, including state by state rankings, to improve the quality of your life.

Pamela Oiler is a member:
UW College of Health Sciences to Honor Distinguished Alumni During Homecoming
The University of Wyoming
Division of Social Work — Pamela Oiler: Oiler earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1999 from UW. She also holds a Master of Social Work degree from Colorado State University. She is a licensed clinical social worker and an associate lecturer at UW’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Cheyenne. Before joining the faculty at the residency program, she provided discharge planning and case management services to patients/families on in-patient units at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Oiler serves as a mentor and provides field instruction, on-site supervision and teaching for social work practicum students (bachelor- and master-level students) at the residency program.

Jennifer Staffero is a member:
Stan State Students and Faculty Stand Together to Take Back the Night Against Sexual Violence
CSU Signal
If you are scared to walk alone at night Jennifer Staffero, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and counselor in Psychological Counseling Services (PCS) said, “I tell people who come into my office to try and walk with a friend as much as possible and to try and not walk alone. It is also really great to take self-defense classes because you feel so empowered.”

Jill Johnson-Young is a member:
6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who’s Lost a Loved One
“There’s a reason for everything.” Feelings about death are often tied closely to spirituality and religion, so the things that you find most reassuring after a death may not be as comforting to others. If you see death as part of a bigger plan, that’s great — but you should be mindful about making assumptions that others believe the same. Also, this “assumes that some power is choosing to have your loved one die, and that you are supposed to be okay with it and find some purpose in their death,” licensed clinical social worker and grief specialist Jill Johnson-Young points out. That can feel like a lot of pressure, even to people whose beliefs have room for positivity around death.

Elissa Hardy is a member:
Lessons in creatively winning grants from the Denver Public Library
The Denver Public Library system is a shining example of how government agencies can better serve their public in creative ways while winning grant funding, as attendees learned at the 104th ICMA Annual Conference in a session presented by eCivis. Elissa Hardy of the Denver Public Library is a licensed clinical social worker and one of the first social workers to be placed within a US public library. She was part of the effort to secure initial grant funding for three Peer Navigators — trained workers who could serve to meet the needs of the unhoused and other vulnerable community members at Denver’s libraries and meeting the library’s mission to offer “free and public access for all.”

Robyn Gold is a member:
7 Ways To Hack Your Brain To Feel Less Anxiety
“Neurologically speaking, anxiety occurs when there is an over-activation of cortisoland adrenaline pumping through the nervous system,” licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and psychotherapist Robyn Gold, tells Bustle. “Our bodies have an innate stress response designed to protect us from danger so we produce these hormones in response to any perceived emotional or physical threat.” So something as serious as an impending physical attack, or something as physically non-threatening as a loud noise or upcoming public presentation, can switch your body into danger-mode. It’s important to understand how to work with your brain to feel less anxiety in these situations.

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