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News Items – May 9, 2011

Grady is first generation college grad
The Daily Citizen
Instead, she found getting her social work degree will enable her better than ever to help the people she cares about the most, she said. Grady is one of 15 Dalton State College students graduating with a bachelor of social work tonight and one of 412 students receiving certificates, associate or bachelor degrees this spring.

Cuts at public universities destroy future prosperity
Bellingham Herald
When students graduate with high debts, they rarely choose a career in public service, teaching, social work or other low-paid caring professions. Instead, they are forced to go into the corporate sector. This seems to be a calculated part of a larger political strategy to disempower students.

Helping others through the worst
Asbury Park Press
Driving to New York City two years ago, lawyer Esther Daniel turned to her mother, Cheryl, a social worker, and described scenes in her office that played out over and over again. Her clients were going through divorces that were so stressful that they couldn’t think straight. Forget the complicated legal process; they needed to know how they were going to make it on their own.

A Bleak Life, Cut Short at 4, Harrowing From the Start
The New York Times
She died in September by the ugliest means, weighing an unthinkable 18 pounds, half what a 4-year-old ought to. She withered in poverty in a home in Brooklyn where the authorities said she had been drugged and often bound to a toddler bed by her mother, having realized a bare thimble’s worth of living.

Saratoga Springs woman overcomes alcohol addiction to pursue a college
The Saratogian
She plans to utilize the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship to pursue a degree and future career in social work. “This scholarship is allowing me to imagine things I didn’t think possible,” she said.

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