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News Items – May 31, 2012

Social welfare cuts ultimately come with heavy price, researchers say
Slashing government funding for Medicaid, food stamps and other programs that serve the poor – while politically popular with some lawmakers and many conservatives – may do more harm than good to the economy and cost taxpayers more in the long run, suggests a report by researchers at the University of Illinois.

Counselor ‘Treated’ Her With Sex, Woman Says
Courthouse News Service
(CN) – A clinical social worker had sex with a woman while he treated her for depression, and when she ran out of money, she got a “professional courtesy write-off” to continue the “treatments,” the woman claims in court.

Post-stroke Depression Often Undiagnosed
Licensed clinical social worker Dawn Shelton-Williams says there are reasons post-stroke depression is not diagnosed right away. “A lot of times, stroke survivors, their caregivers, see some of the symptoms and signs as maybe being related to the actual medical disease of the stroke.”

Hinsdale South students get look at spiral of drug abuse
The Doings Weekly
“It’s out there in the community,” said Social Worker Edmund Arroyo, who led production of the video. “We’re trying to be a little bit proactive.” Staff from the school’s social work office sought input from experts at Robert Crown Center and Rosecrance in developing the “43 Seconds” program that followed the video.

Advocates want to rid stereotype put on foster children
James McIntyre says he was shocked to hear what even a group of students working on Master’s Degrees in Social Work thought. “They were saying [foster kids were] uneducated, hurt, traumatized – which a lot of that stuff is true but it is not what we look like,” says McIntyre.

Overscheduled? How to carve out some downtime this summer
Fox News
“What are the juicy pieces that might make your calendar look lighter if you said no to them, but wouldn’t actually make you feel lighter?” Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and author of The Gifts of Imperfection.

Geriatric Care Managers – Could One Help You With Your Elderly Loved One?
Huffington Post (blog)
They are trained and experienced in any of several fields related to care management, including nursing, gerontology, social work or psychology. Geriatric care management is a relatively new profession. It’s rapidly growing, especially given the large number of aging baby boomers.

Social worker gives opinions on situation that led to Chapel Hill shooting
“In a case where there’s a custody battle and at least one of the partners has threatened murder if it goes through, then that automatically becomes a high risk situation,” said social worker Anne O’Connor who has spent years dealing with domestic violence victims and spouses going through custody battles.

On the front lines of change in the risky world of DCF
This flexibility given to social workers and Johnson’s handling of this case has become the new norm for DCF staff answering the 8,000 phone calls each month. It is a national model known as a Differential Response System, and Connecticut is following the lead of 20 other states by implementing it.

Fighting U.S.’s worst teen pregnancy rate in Miss.
The Mercury
Instructors from the Delta Health Partners Healthy Start Initiative come to Hollins’ high school monthly to teach lessons that incorporate some of the newest theories on the relationship between poverty and teen motherhood. It’s a far cry from decades past, when women in Hollins’ situation were given little guidance and often left to drop out and languish.

Lack of child-care records puts Minnesota kids at risk
Critical safety and inspection records that families could use to identify incompetent child-care providers are often inaccessible to parents or withheld mistakenly by local regulators, a Star Tribune investigation has found.

Carlucci Holds Roundtable To Discuss Getting Veterans Jobs (VIDEO)
New City, NY Patch
The group also talked about mental health issues for returning soldiers. Cooper, who is also a social worker and conducts assessments of returning veterans, said many veterans feel shame in suffering from mental issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and don’t want to talk about it for fear of others finding out.

Why Ferris State University is increasing funding for student research
The Grand Rapids Press –
By Brian McVicar | Starting this summer, a dozen students are expected to participate in research that could be used in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to social work. That’s up from five students last summer.

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