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News Items – May 10, 2013

Bill would allow faster HIV testing for infants
San Jose Mercury News
Under the bill, a social worker could give consent for an HIV test after providing information on the child’s risk of exposure. A doctor must determine that testing is necessary. The bill passed the Assembly Monday on a 77-0 vote and goes to the Senate.

Study examines risk factors in recurrent child abuse, neglect
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The shorter the intervals between previous child maltreatment incidents, the greater the likelihood that the child will experience abuse or neglect in the future, suggests a new study by a social work professor at the University of Illinois.

For Amanda Berry and other Cleveland victims, recovery begins with patience
Yahoo! News
“Being held and traumatized for a long time, you often develop questions like, ‘Why me?’ or ‘Will this ever end?’ and will try to determine the meaning of the trauma,” says Megan Berthold, a clinical social worker at the National Association of Social Workers, who has worked with refugee survivors of torture.

[Audio] Another Look At Social Security
Social In-security!  President Obama has said he’s willing to make changes in the nation’s safety-net system for the elderly…as part of overall efforts to reduce the debt.  But he’s getting lots of criticism for it…especially from his liberal base.  We’ll examine the President’s ideas….including a controversial proposal to use a new measure of inflation called “chained CPI”.

My Turn: Budget ‘experts’ are out of touch
Concord Monitor
The Monitor’s April 23 article on the experts who met at the UNH School of Law to discuss the federal budget deficit reveals how out of touch these “high-powered” past and present officials, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, can be.

It’s “Inulirijikkut” for new Nunavut social affairs department
Nunatsiaq News
The word is based on the term “inuliriji,” which in the Inuit language usually means “social worker” or “a person who works with people” and has been used for decades. “The term Inulirijikkut is already widely known and accepted across the territory.

5 Books on Getting Kids to Go to Bed
The Sleep Lady®, Ms. West, provides valuable information in this updated edition of her 2004 best-seller. In it, you’ll find suggestions about pacifier use, toddler naps, and even baby yoga positions.

NASW-NYS Calling On NY Social Workers To Give Feedback On SAFE Act
Social Justice Solutions
NASW-NYS has previously reported that effective March 16, 2013 Licensed Clinical Social Workers are among the four mental health professionals specifically designated in NY’s SAFE Act as being required to report to local mental health officials when there is reason to believe a patient is likely to engage in conduct that will cause serious harm to themselves for the purpose of crosschecking the individual’s name against the new comprehensive gun registration database.

Sioux City social work pioneer
Iowa Now
It’s scenarios like this that University of Iowa alumna Meg Bessman-Quintero, a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW)—the only bilingual, master’s-level mental health therapist practicing in the Sioux City area—works hard to avoid.

Experts: Media May Be Second Prison for Cleveland Abductees
“The big challenge that they face is the anticipation that everything is going to be perfect once family members are back together again,” said Geoffrey Greif, a professor of social work at the University of Maryland who has studied missing and exploited children.

Irish Social Workers Taking U.S. Eldercare Lessons Home
New America Media
However, he said, working with Wellspring and having case discussions with McMackin, and exploring the National Association of Social Workers code of ethics, “really helped me to understand the ethics that underpin social work in America and how these are the same as in the Irish system.”

Schools Take On Social Work Amid High Unemployment, Drug Abuse
Huffington Post
WAR, W.Va. — When school started this fall in this sparsely populated rural area at West Virginia’s southern tip, 1 of 7 classrooms was without a teacher because leaders couldn’t recruit enough educators. When officials turned on the mandatory security cameras at one elementary school, the rest of the building lost its Internet connection because it wasn’t wired for this century.

Student-Led Social Justice Expo Comes To NYU
NYU Local
“They choose a project a few weeks after winter break, honing in on a social justice issue and essentially develop a mini community organizing campaign,” Alice Berliner, a senior at NYU’s Silver School of Social Work who spent the year as an advisor at the school.

Cummings to speak at graduation ceremony for Howard University’s School of Social Work
Washington Post
Elijah Cummings is scheduled to give the keynote address at the Howard University’s School of Social Work Honors graduation ceremony. The Democratic congressman will give the speech on Wednesday in Washington in the Cramton Auditorium.

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