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News Items – March 23, 2016

Joseph Walsh was a former member and NASW-IL chapter president:
Joseph Walsh, social worker and Catholic deacon, dies at 71
Chicago Tribune
[Joseph] Walsh, 71, a former professor and dean at Loyola University’s School of Social Work, died of cancer March 3 at his home in River Forest. He had previously lived in Oak Park.… Walsh also served as president of the state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park and the Oak Park Board of Education.

Katie Carter is a member:
St. Francis social worker praised, awarded for hard work
WBRC (Memphis, TN)
Being a social worker is not easy. In fact, it’s really hard. You don’t do it for recognition or money. You do it because you love people, and you give your life to serving others. Sometimes, a social worker is so good at her job, she deserves to be recognized. Meet Katie Carter. Carter is a social worker in the cardiac care unit of St. Francis Hospital. Her coworkers said she works tirelessly for her patients. They were so impressed, they nominated her for this year’s “Crossroads Caring More Award.” The award is given to one social worker who goes “above and beyond” in service to patients and community.

Liberty Sleiter is a member:
Child protection mandates will require on call social workers in Stevens County
Morris Sun-Tribune (MN)
Upcoming mandates about how quickly Minnesota counties must respond to child protection reports could require social workers to be on call during nights and weekends, but those requirements haven’t been funded by the state of Minnesota. Human Services Director Liberty Sleiter and Social Services Supervisor Jennifer Rose outlined this issue along with the county’s other child protection mandates and policies in a work session with the Stevens County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday.

Janet Zimmerman is a member:
Pet bereavement days being offered by some companies
The number of days offered by these companies varies, according to the report, but according to certified social worker and pet loss counselor, Janet Zimmerman, it’s important to take the time to acknowledge the loss.  She says when a pet dies “it’s normal to feel intense grief.” “You need to protect yourself and give yourself time to grieve,” she says.

Beverly McPhail is a member:
In Texas, the Closest Abortion Clinic Might Be Hours Away. These Women Will Drive You There.
Slate Magazine
Whatever happens next, in either the Supreme Court or the Texas legislature, Beverly McPhail, a semi-retired social worker and academic who drove for CASN for a year, says that volunteers will continue working to help Texas women.

Marlene Saunders is the Executive Director of NASW-DE:
Taking a public health approach to restrain Wilmington’s gun violence
“People don’t feel safe. It seems to be getting worse … people have become very frustrated. It’s had a grave impact, not to mention the impact on businesses willing to come into the city,” said Marlene Saunders, executive director of the Delaware Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Saunders is part of new group working to prevent gun violence in Wilmington. The advisory panel includes physicians, community activists, student leaders, educators, attorneys, pastors, and a social worker from Christiana Care’s Cease Violence program. It’s a public health approach. “That is, identifying kids who are at risk of using a gun before they actually do,” Saunders said.

Mary Anne Knapp is a member:
Ramon Guzman now leads a ‘happy’ life after battling mental illness
The Daily Collegian (Penn State)
CAPS [Penn State’s Center for Counseling and Psychological Services] saved his life, he said, and now future generations of Penn Staters can benefit from its services. Last year, Mary Anne Knapp, a clinical social worker and senior staff therapist at CAPS, said 7 percent of clients “had a history of at least one suicide attempt.” Between 20 and 25 percent of clients had suicidal ideations, Knapp said.

Jon Daily is a member:
A message of hope about teen drug addiction in the social network
Jon Daily LCSW, CADC II, is the founder of Recovery Happens, a drug education, counseling and intervention center for the treatment of substance abuse with offices in Fair Oaks, Davis and Roseville. Last Thursday he spoke at a community lunch hosted by Sierra Vista Hospital in Sacramento, on the topic of Heroin to Marijuana: A Paradigm Shift We Need Now.

Can an innovative Pittsburgh program help repair the broken lives of foster kids?
PBS Newshour features a segment on improving educational outcomes for foster youth and program innovations in Pittsburgh that social worker Marc Cherna, who has been director of Allegheny County Department of social services for the past 20 years put in place. It includes an interview with Cherna, footage of Cherna in the community and also some remarks by David Sanders, executive vice-president of Casey Family Programs. There is an additional article focused on Allegheny County:


Social Work Month:

Social Work Month: one of the fastest growing professions
Growing by 12% a year, social work is one of the fastest growing professions across the country, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. March is dedicated as Social Work Month, to recognize those who work in the field. “The profession is evolving and the people that are doing the work are evolving,” Tom Wirth said, Deputy Director for Eau Claire Human Services. “Social work is very diverse and we work in group homes, we work in office settings, we work in administration, policy making positions, academics, it’s not just working with children,” Dana Greicar added, a certified social worker who works an Options Counselor for Eau Claire Aging and Disability Resource Center.

Social Workers Play an Important Role in Public Health
Indianapolis Recorder
Each year during March, social workers across the U.S. celebrate National Social Work Month to help educate the public about the role of social workers and to recognize the work done to improve lives and communities. The theme for 2016 – “Forging Solutions Out of Challenges” – was selected to show what the National Association of Social Workers and the social work profession does to tackle some of the toughest challenges in our communities. Social workers make a difference in the day-to-day lives of millions of people by helping to develop, support and empower positive relationships; and create hope and opportunity for those in need.

Libby Engebrecht, the writer, is a member:
Social work started with goal to help those in need
At age 12, I decided to be a social worker and I’ve never looked back.… March is National Social Work Month; this year’s theme is “Forging Solutions out of Challenges.” Remembering the foundation of social work reminds me why I love my profession…

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