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News Items – June 28, 2017



Caitlin Ryan is a member:
A teen health survey crucial to US public policy is finally asking kids about their sexual orientation
In the 1970s, “gay people were considered to be mentally ill, so no one was thinking about physical health,” says Caitlyn Ryan, a clinical social worker who has been working on LGBT health issues for nearly 40 years in California. “There were very few young people who were out. Gay bashing was routine. The level of antipathy, of anger, of prejudice, was higher. There just wasn’t access. Health providers would provide painful care—they would inflict pain on a gay patient, if they knew they were gay. People were dying alone, because their partners would not be allowed to be with them.”

Roberta Hanus is a member:
Dealing with the pain, and rewards, of pediatric oncology social work
Medical Press
I’m specializing in medical social work, but I didn’t know this placement existed. My field placement liaison, Roberta Hanus (clinical associate professor of social work), was actually the one who turned me on to the idea and encouraged me to apply. I’m interested in “peds,” in working with children.

Joanne Caye is a member:
Twice, DSS was at his home. Now, mom’s boyfriend is charged with murder
Children who aren’t in abusive situations can suffer injury and even concussions from falling out of bed, said Joanne Caye, who has worked in three states and consults for the Department of Social Services. Even if abuse is suspected, she said, DSS case workers and investigators have to follow a strict set of rules and laws in determining next steps. “It’s really easy for the public to assume that the department should have done something different,” Caye said, noting that DSS also can face criticism for being too aggressive or for removing a child from a home.

Christina Malu is a member:
Retired Sailor does her part in the community through programs for less privileged
The Camp Lejeune Globe
Helping children and expecting mothers is a passion for Christina Malu, Early Head Start Family and Community Partnership, mental health coordinator. “I am blessed to serve as the Family and Community Partnership, mental health coordinator for the Early Head Start home-based program,” said Malu, whose role is to collaborate with EHS parents and staff to develop and implement family and community partnerships through outreach activities.

Real Stories of Americans Who Will Be Affected By The Proposed Changes To The ACA — And What YOU Can Do To Fight
The Huffington Post
Eryn works in Virginia as a clinical social worker for adults with a dual diagnosis with IDD and SMI. Eryn explains, “I can say many people I work with would be impacted (and possibly even my job in the long run), but on a more personal level, I have an amazing 17-month-old son who recently was diagnosed with epilepsy as a result of a lesion in his brain. This year alone we will pay at least $22,000 out of pocket to cover just the health insurance costs and make sure he has the treatment he needs. We are moving in two weeks to a more affordable home so that we can meet his current medical needs and cover additional expenses that we may have to travel and seek treatment out of the area.”

State Police Roll Out Local Drug Referral Initiative
Hartford Courant
The CRISIS Initiative (Connection to Recovery through Intervention, Support and Initiating Services) uses a team approach with the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to link up with resources that can help addicts break their habits and reclaim their lives. Among the project’s components is a full time clinical social worker attached to Troop E, along with a mobile outreach team that will provide round-the-clock intervention services.

Tom Butero, the writer, is a member:
Your View: Tackling juvenile suicide is beset by myriad complications
South Coast Today (MA)
Much has been written and reported about the Conrad Roy III and Michelle Carter case, and, despite the recent verdict by Judge Moniz, many questions remain unanswered.… Was Ms. Carter culpable? Could the death of Mr. Roy have been prevented? Having only had access to information about the case through broadcast and print media, I cannot say for certain. Regarding the issue of suicide, and, more specifically adolescent and young adult suicide, here’s what I do know. First, by way of credentials, I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 40 years’ experience. I have extensively studied and researched the topics of suicide and suicide prevention, trained over a thousand mental health providers from hotline volunteers to seasoned professionals and provided clinical services and managed outpatient mental health programs serving mostly children, adolescents and their families.

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