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News Items – June 27, 2014

NASW-NYC Chapter Executive Robert Schachter is cited:
bob schachterGeorge Kelling: Social workers should pair with NYPD
“A lot of the encounters police have — a very high percentage — involve social problems that social workers are very adept at handling,” said Dr. Robert Schachter, executive director of New York City’s chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. “There’s a range of things social workers can do. One is to de-escalate, to engage, to be able to talk about what the options are.” Schachter said social workers are very familiar with being in dangerous situations, often without any backup. If the police department decides to commit to this kind of program, he said, “it could be done. It could be done very skillfully and very, very well.”

New task force hopes to address sex trafficking in North Dakota
The Bismarck Tribune
“We do not accept sexual trafficking of vulnerable children as status quo. As a state and community, we do not have to allow exploitation to continue,” it said. The statement was in response to arrests in the Fargo-Moorhead area for the trafficking of a 13-year-old girl. But it also covers the reason FUSE — a Force to end hUman Sexual Exploitation — came to be. The coalition consists of Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota, First Nations Women’s Alliance, North Dakota Women’s Network, the National Association of Social Workers-North Dakota, and CAWS North Dakota. Though it’s in the beginning stages of its existence, each of the five groups has been trying to find the right approach to combat human trafficking for several years.

Embedded clinic functions as a one-stop shop
Fort Hood Sentinel
The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division’s Embedded Behavioral Health Clinic helps the brigade’s Soldiers with all of their behavioral health needs within the 3rd BCT footprint. “The embedded aspect is the best part of the clinic,” said Cynthia Brown, a licensed clinical social worker at the clinic. “Being able to provide the Soldiers our services close to where they work helps us get them back to their mission.”

Hilary N. Weaver is a member:
‘Redskins’ patent decision strikes chord with social work professor
UB Reporter
Some years back, shortly after joining the faculty of the School of Social Work, Hilary N. Weaver attended a regional conference in Western New York to address substance abuse in the Native American community. The hotel where the conference was held also hosted a certain visiting NFL football team. “Welcome Redskins,” read a huge banner in the hotel lobby.

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