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News Items – July 9, 2013

[Audio] Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Rethink Crime
Tony DiVittorio, a social worker, created BAM. The program, operating in a number of Chicago public schools, is built around core principles of integrity, accountability and finding positive ways to express anger.

[Video] Pushback against drug abuse in Marathon County
MyFox Wausau
Social Worker Melissa Dotter says the effort has recently focused on heroin and it is three-pronged. “We are trying to educate people. Step up enforcement and engage the community. We need everyone working together to make sure that no on agency has to do everything. It takes a everyone to work together,” says Dotter.

Pioneers in Social Work
The Dewey Library Blog
Summer is a great time to do some professional reading that is not classwork oriented.  Are you curious about the people who contributed to the creation of the social welfare profession as it exists today?

‘Finger-pointing’ and unanswered questions in child’s death at Spirit Lake
Grand Forks Herald
“All those t’s were crossed and all those i’s were dotted,” said Paul Hutchinson, a UND-trained social worker who took over the tribal department earlier this year. Hutchinson said he could not discuss whether background checks performed prior to the to the girls’ placement with her grandfather included a check on Freeman Whiteshield’s wife, Hope. “I can’t confirm that and I can’t deny it,” he said. “It’s an ongoing investigation.”

Researchers develop program to reduce hospital readmissions by more than half
Laura Bronstein, chair of Binghamton University’s Department of Social Work and director of the university’s Institute for Intergenerational Studies, created this interdisciplinary training program so social workers and medical professionals could better understand the challenges each group faces in trying to improve patient health. Her group’s just-completed two-year study collected data from approximately 100 patients living independently, but at high risk for hospital readmission.

10 ways to cope with postpartum depression
1. Trust your instincts: If you feel like something’s not right, it probably isn’t. So take your feelings seriously, and let someone know how you feel immediately. “Finding the right place where you can be validated and supported is the very first step,” said Karen Kleiman, a licensed clinical social worker and executive director of The Postpartum Stress Center.

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