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News Items – July 6, 2016

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David Fawcett is a member; Gary Bailey is a former NASW President:
[Audio] Family Recovery: Prevention and Treatment Approaches for Diverse LGBT Families
Gary: I would support that. David and I both are social workers and NASW, the National Association of Social Workers, has really been in the forefront with social workers being the largest segment of mental health providers in the United States, of really focusing on trying to ban conversion therapy as a modality. So it’s very important that we continue, again, to ally with groups that understand that this is both counterintuitive and counter helpful.

Jill Harrison is a member:
Independence Day celebrations can trigger anxiety for veterans
Jill Harrison, a clinical social worker at the VA clinic, says even if veterans haven’t been diagnosed with PTSD, there are still a wide range of symptoms they can experience. These include anxiety and depression. “I think it’s important for families to recognize if they’re seeing symptoms, if they’re seeing their loved one isn’t acting the same or is a little bit different than what they were prior to going overseas or serving to give us a call,” Harrison said. “Family members can call and ask questions. Certainly we will be here to address that and help them.”

Jeremy Goldbach is a member:
Pentagon move to end ban on transgender troops gets mixed reviews
Long Beach Press-Telegram (CA)
Jeremy Goldbach, assistant professor of social work at USC, said the decision was critical to removing the “cloud of uncertainty” faced by those transgender people who weren’t part of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal in 2011 and couldn’t be true to their identity. Goldbach, who has been working on a two-year $1.8 million grant from the Defense Department studying the mental health and integration of transgender armed service members, said the Pentagon would be wise to move as quickly as possible at putting the policy in place.

Sarah Milligan is a member:
Couple plays waiting game with Alzheimer’s
South Bend Tribune (IN)
The advantage of early identification, however, is time. “As you move past the emotions of receiving the diagnosis and getting past the nitty-gritty of care planning, we can focus on what is still possible, as well as the possibility of a cure,” said Sarah Milligan, a social worker for the Alzheimer’s Association in Northwest Indiana.

Karen McLeod is a member:
Senators Crackdown on Dumping Unwanted Children
North Carolina Health News
“It really is sort of [an] extreme examples of what happens,” said Karen McLeod, a social worker who is CEO and lobbyist for Benchmarks, a North Carolina child and family advocacy organization. “Desperate times lead to what you would normally think no rational parent who went through all this effort to adopt a child would do.” McLeod offered no specific examples of children being rehomed in North Carolina, but lawmakers are acting to prevent such incidents from taking place here.


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