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News Items – July 22, 2015


The NASW Press published journal Health and Social work is cited:
LGBT Discrimination In Health Care: Heterosexual Providers Found To Hold Bias On Sexual Orientation
Medical Daily
Currently, instances of discrimination within health care do happen more than we may know. According to a study published in the journal Health and Social Work, 42 percent of female-to-male transgender adults have reported being confronted with verbal harassment, physical assault, or denial of treatment altogether at hospitals and doctors’ offices. Whether a bias is explicit or not, it can still affect how health care providers treat patients different than themselves. “For health care organizations that aim to serve these populations, these data suggest an opportunity to examine methods likely to mitigate implicit biases, such as eliminating discretion from decision-making, use of clinical guidelines, awareness of personal bias as self-caution, organizational polices to promote objective decision-making, and inclusion of counter-stereotypical experiences in educational programs,” the authors conclude.

Kim Flowers is a member:
Bullying of elderly, disabled subject of public housing bills
Bills pending before the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Housing would create new committees to study ways to protect elderly and disabled public housing residents.… Kim Flowers, a social worker at Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, who worked with a support group that responded to the North Andover murders, said a task force is needed to figure out best practices to ensure the rights and personal safety of both elderly adults and younger, disabled people living in public housing.

Edward Igle is a member:
Despite allegations, suspended priest thrives as family therapist
After the Roman Catholic Diocese of Camden removed Edward Igle from active ministry in 2000 over an allegation of sex abuse, he turned to his second career: family counseling. Licensed as a therapist since the 1980s, the suspended priest runs a South Jersey practice, counseling families and children, and teaches related classes through a Philadelphia-based center, including on how to identify and clinically treat victims of sex abuse.

RIC Trains Social Workers in Trauma-Informed Care
Rhode Island College News
Children in the child welfare system endure multiple traumas over the course of their lives. The National Center for Children in Poverty reported that more than half of these children experience a mental health disorder. Yet 85 percent of them do not receive adequate mental health treatment. In Rhode Island, according to Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, a large portion of state funding goes toward crisis-driven hospitalizations rather than out-patient services. This can lead to a host of adverse outcomes. In response, RIC’s School of Social Work created a new Certificate of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.) in child and adolescent trauma to target mental health services for youth in the child welfare system.

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