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News Items – July 2, 2012

Health Care Decision leaves states with Medicaid choice
Daily Mail – Charleston
Sam Hickman, the head of the state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, said Medicaid had always been subject to politics.

Social work training to boost mental health support for oil spill victims
Faculty and graduate students in The University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work will aid in the Gulf Coast’s recovery from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill by addressing the mental health needs of those still impacted by the April 2010 disaster.

First Generation College Bound makes higher education a reality
Baltimore Sun
She’s getting married in July, she’s doing social work focused toward the Latino community in Washington and she just graduated from the University of Maryland with a Masters of Social Work. But without the help of Joe Fisher and First Generation College Bound, she said, much this might have been more of a dream and less of a reality.

Wards to have social welfare officers
Daily News
TANZANIA will for the first time have social workers posted to ward and village work stations following official launch of a new Social welfare Assistants Programme at the Kisangara Institute this month. This new training programme designed to further strengthen the country’s social welfare workforce is a result of efforts by the ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the Institute of Social Work and the American International Health Alliance.

Ken Corbett And Mark O’Connell Discuss Gender, Bullying And More
Huffington Post
Today we bring you a conversation between Ken Corbett, Ph.D. and Mark O’Connell, LCSW. Ken Corbett, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychology at the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He is the author of “Boyhoods: Rethinking Masculinities.” Dr. Corbett maintains a private practice in New York City.

Young professional: Utah girl fell in love with Montana in 2007
Great Falls Tribune
What I do at work: I am a licensed clinical social worker and work in the CSCT program for the Center for Mental Health. I provide intensive therapeutic services to kids and families in a school/community setting. I collaborate with other professionals in the community to assure success for kids with mental health challenges.

Housing first, treatment later: Dallas homeless agencies experiment with new
Dallas Morning News (subscription)
Louis DeLuca/Staff Photographer. Social worker Jonathan Grace (left) has worked with Grant Wells since the nonprofit group CitySquare, Grace’s employer, found Wells scrounging through trash bins for food.

New Haven priest doesn’t like activist label
San Francisco Chronicle
Manship has been named a public citizen of the year award from the state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Federal authorities say the East Haven Police Department has allowed systemic racial harassment.

Starting over: Back to college for a job that feels better
Charlotte Observer
In 2009, Howard quit his job and the next year he enrolled at Johnson C. Smith University to earn a degree in social work. The goal is to be a medical social worker. His experiences, his disease and his family all led him to the field.

Tar Heel of the Week: Caring for the poor, the weak, and those most in need
Rick Miller-Haraway has studied economics, religion and social work, and each discipline has informed his decades-long quest to help the poorest members of his community. The first helps him understand poverty. The second provides the impetus to help, and the third gives him the tools to do so effectively.

Social worker arrested during major investigation into ‘Florida foster care
Daily Mail
Jean Lacroix, pictured, who worked as an investigator for Florida’s Department of Children and Families, is the fifth man to be arrested as part of an ongoing probe into claims children in Miami’s foster care were abused.

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