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News Items – July 16, 2012

What the social care White Paper means for social workers
Unison’s national officer for social work, Helga Pile, says it is deeply concerned at the lack of an evidence base for such a move, given its potential to undermine other elements of the White Paper, such as the establishment of a national minimum eligibility threshold for care to promote consistency.

Social care white paper is a wasted opportunity
The Guardian
For social work in particular, there are a few key phrases that stand out. By promoting the contracting out of the process of assessment, the white paper suggests there may be a role for “social work pilots”. But while there seems to be a desire to move social work away from local authorities on the one hand, on the other a principal social worker for adults is mooted as a role within local authorities.

Despite losing her job, ex-Spirit Lake social worker driven to push for change
FORT TOTTEN, N.D. – Betty Jo Krenz can’t forget the desperate faces and voices she came to know while working with Head Start and foster-care children at Spirit Lake Nation. They were first her job. They became her cause.

Casey foundation ends foster care program after 36 years
Baltimore Sun
Richard Barth, dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Maryland, said foster children can develop deep relationships with their social workers. The School of Social Work partners with a division of Casey Family Services in East Baltimore.

Death, grieving process changes with explosion of social media
Purdue Exponent
Social media is “absolutely, no question about it” changing the way young people grieve, according to a social worker at Purdue’s psychological services.

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