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News Items – January 3, 2018



Linda Szmulewitz and Kim West are members:
7 Myths About Sleep Regressions You Can Put To Bed
According to Linda Szmulewitz, a licensed clinical social worker and certified gentle sleep coach, sleep regressions typically happen right before your baby meets a new developmental milestone, like crawling or walking. Fortunately for tired parents, according to Kim West, LCSW, The Sleep Lady, regressions are short phases and should pass in a few weeks. You can rest easy knowing that they are normal parts of child development, and not a sign that something is wrong.

Kelsey Torgerson is a member:
The 4 New Year’s Resolutions That You’re Most Likely to Break
Ditching the excess pounds you put on in 2017 might be a the top of your new year to-do list, but it’s one of the most common resolutions that people tend to forget about after the first few weeks in January. Kelsey Torgerson, MSW, LCSW, says that if you’re going to set this goal, you have to be super specific. “So many people flood the gyms come January, and then stop going at the end of the month,” says Torgerson. “Use a tracking system so that you can see the noticeable health benefits to keep yourself motivated, and focus more on micro-goals, such as ‘This week, I’m going to the gym three times.’ And if that’s successful, the next week you can sign up for a fitness class to attend regularly. Build on each week.”

Bill Goldberg is a member:
Community or cult? Experts share why people join Overcomer Ministry in rural South Carolina
The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)
Bill Goldberg, a clinical social worker in New Jersey, has also tried to understand why members of cults fail to intervene when they witness wrongdoings. He and his wife specialize in working with individuals who have defected from cults. Speaking generally, Goldberg said a majority of these types of defectors have what he calls “unconscious doubts.” “Every former cult member I’ve worked with has told me they had doubts when in the group that they learned to suppress,” he said. Often, Goldberg said, members of cults become fixated with idealism and desire a deeper connection with the group leader who touts a “direct relationship with God or the truth.”

Kristin Sween is a member:
[Video] ‘Zero Suicide’ Program Working in Wyoming to End Suicide
KCWY-TV (Casper, WY)
Some said Zero Suicide works regardless of funding cuts, but the follow-ups make all the difference. Kristin Sween, WBI Clinical Social Worker said, “The follow-up care the care transitions this stuff we were already doing but it has improved that in that it now has collaboration going on gets us all on the same page.” Staff doesn’t believe suicides will completely disappear.

NASW-NYC Chapter is mentioned:
Touro College dean honored for social work leadership
New Jersey Jewish Standard
In presenting the award to Dr. Steven Huberman at the NASW-NYC’s annual leadership dinner, Dr. Robert Schachter, the organization’s former executive director, extolled the dean’s qualities. He said that Dr. Huberman’s vision ensured a strong foundation for the school, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. “Dr. Huberman is not only a leading academician, but also a talented and experienced community organizer — someone who could build a new school that has become known for its excellence and unparalleled diversity as well as its community engagement,” Dr. Schachter said.


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