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News Items – January 24, 2018



Kathryn Ellis is a member:
A Year After the Women’s March, “We Haven’t Stopped”
Mother Jones
Kathy Ellis, a clinical social worker and addictions counselor, actually decided to run for the Democratic seat in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District, even though she knows it’s a long-shot campaign in a traditionally Republican state. “I tell people all the time—and in my work—that you have to get into action, you have to do something. So I decided to follow my own advice,” she says. “It has been a highlight of my entire life. I have enjoyed every minute of it, even though I have to drive four hours to the other side of the district—even when, sometimes, only ten people show up.”

Joseph Izzo is a member:
Life saver: Celebrating 40 years of Whitman-Walker
Metro Weekly
“Whitman-Walker Health is evidence of how any group of people, when they come together for a common purpose, can make a tremendous impact,” says Joseph Izzo. Izzo, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist at the community health center has witnessed firsthand Whitman-Walker’s ability to weather difficult times. He’s been with the clinic since 1986 and, as such, is its longest-serving employee. Despite a series of boom-and-bust cycles that threatened its financial solvency, and until 2006, frequent changes in management, Whitman-Walker has overcome a number of challenges to continue operating crucial health care programs, including LGBTQ-competent health services and HIV/AIDS care.

WV Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Bill Crouch responds to a question from Sam Hickman, executive director of NASW-WV:
[Audio] W.Va. DHHR Focused on More Treatment Options for Addicts
On The Legislature Today, we chat with state Department of Health and Human Resources Cabinet Secretary Bill Crouch about a massive reorganization bill that was introduced in the House of Delegates. The bill would divide DHHR into four separate agencies.

Will Francis is government relations director for NASW-TX:
El Paso to be testing ground for CPS privatization
San Angelo Standard-Times
Will Francis, government relations director for the National Association of Social Workers’ Texas Chapter, said cases in FBSS are tricky to monitor, as there is a “really big gray area” when abuse and neglect are suspected, but not at the level that merits removal. Considering the nuances of these cases, Francis said having the appropriate level of oversight is vital. He said the state should consider bringing in an outside party to evaluate implementation. “You really have to have the state maintaining a lot of eyesight over these programs,” Francis said. “But to evaluate how good of a job they’re doing without an independent third party? I think you’re doing a disservice to the program.”

Tyleen Caffrey is a member:
Social Work Instructor’s Non-Profit Agency Provides Access to Formal Attire
Eastern New Mexico University
Tyleen Caffrey, an instructor of social work at Eastern New Mexico University, runs Monarch Formals, a non-profit agency located in both Kansas and New Mexico that provides formal attire access to individuals regardless of their financial situation. Monarch Formals donations are accepted year-round and include items such as dresses, suits, tuxes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Drop-off locations and more information can be found on the Monarch Formals website and Facebook page. She was inspired to start Monarch Formals based on her experience of entering foster care a few weeks before her junior prom.

Rebekah Gerwitz is the executive director of NASW-MA:
Rep: Law needed to address gender disparity in disability insurance
Gloucester Times
Spurred on by high-profile exposes, employers, journalists and the public have spent much of the past few months trying to tamp out sexual harassment in the workplace. [Legislation sponsor and Newton Democrat Representative Ruth] Balser thinks the political moment is right for her bill to pass this session and others echoed that sentiment. “I think this is the year of the woman,” said Rebekah Gewirtz, executive director of the National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Chapter.

Shannon Thomas is a member:
There are 3 distinct types of narcissists — here’s how to spot them
Business Insider
The exhibitionist is the stereotypical idea of a narcissist, said Shannon Thomas, a licensed clinical social worker who wrote “Healing from Hidden Abuse.” “They think they’re amazing — they think themselves to be smarter, better-looking, more powerful than other people, and they pretty much believe it,” she told Business Insider. “Even with their friends and peers, they believe themselves to be one step up.” Exhibitionist narcissists don’t tend to be insecure, Thomas said. When they aren’t bragging about themselves, they’re putting down everyone else. They are often carelessly rude and cruel about people and tend to ignore or not even notice how others react to it.

Danielle Forshee is a member:
Is 5 Hours Of Sleep Enough? You Can Get By, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Try It
Elite Daily
Doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker Danielle Forshee, LLC suggests catering to your circadian rhythm by developing some sort of ritual to help you unwind for the night. “Instead of looking at social media and replying to emails,” she tells Elite Daily, “you need to do something that is relaxing so that you can get tired and fall asleep within a certain time frame.” Additionally, she explains, it’s important to create a morning routine to wake up to. Schedule a time to wake up around every day so that your body becomes used to the consistency.

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