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News Items – February 26, 2019

Rosemary Yelton is a member:
Graduate student tabbed for Council on Collegiate Opioid Misuse
Western Carolina University
Since coming to Western Carolina University to complete her master’s degree in social work, graduate student Rosemary Yelton has seen firsthand the effects the opioid crisis is having on Western North Carolina. Wanting to help fight what has become a national epidemic, Yelton was excited to learn last summer that she had been named to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein’s Council on Collegiate Opioid Misuse.

Attacks on health care workers prompt federal legislation
“I started my career in social work in 1977 as an outreach worker for New Haven Elderly Services,” said Stephen Karp, executive director of the Connecticut chapter of National Association of Social Workers, during a Thursday news conference. “I once went to an interview an elderly gentlemen and there was a young man there who decided he was going to look out for this elderly gentlemen and came in with a baseball bat and informed me if he did not like what I was doing and asking, he would hit me.”

Students studying social work hear from national president
MSU Meridian welcomed the president of the National Association of Social Workers to the campus Wednesday. The school offers a bachelor’s degree program in social work. Dr. Kathryn Wehrmann toured the Riley and College Park locations and met with faculty and students. This is the first time an acting NASW president has visited Mississippi. Wehrmann also visited field agencies where MSU Meridian social work students are currently doing their internships.

Rachel Sussman is a member:
13 tips to apologize in a healthy and effective way
In an interview with INSIDER, Rachel Sussman, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert, said that one of the best ways to acknowledge that you may have hurt someone is by using an “I” statement, such as “I apologize” or “I know what I did was wrong.”

Elise Mora is a member:
AIDS Delaware receives grants from Gilead, Philly AIDS Thrift
Hockessin Community News
Gilead’s $50,000 award supports AIDS Delaware’s newest program, HIV-specific mental health counseling. Begun in 2018, this much-needed offering currently serves 50 Delawareans who are either HIV-positive or affected by HIV/AIDS. This program is unique because it offers home visits to individuals unable to access therapy due to medical or mental health challenges. Licensed Clinical Social Worker Elise Mora, who is an HIV, gender/sexuality and trauma expert, manages this program.

LeslieBeth Wish is a member:
Winning At Home: A common core that’s not math!
Holland Sentinel
The age-old question of why opposites attract has been studied thoroughly with no absolute conclusion. Because, while some people may seem opposite, such as he is a sports nut, and she’s the bookworm or vice versa, the truth is they still hold similar values and attitudes, which is far more important in the marriage than physical traits or habits. Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, psychologist and licensed clinical social worker in Florida, says that the best formula for a happy and healthy couple is that they both share common values and ethics: a common core.

Jason Moore is a member:
The more cell phones are improving their apps and functions, the more addicted we become
Smartphones are constantly accessible in our pockets, held to our ears for a conversation, and more than ever, in front of our faces. But why would we even want to put them down? Clinical Social Worker, Jason Moore, said people have access to everything they ever need on these devices. “I mean how many items has our phone replaced cameras, recorders?” Moore asked. “It’s just instant knowledge and we don’t have to think anymore, we don’t have to think critically, we can just Google something or look something up.”

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