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News Items – December 9, 2010

How to Deal With Divorce During the Holidays
When you are going through a divorce, the holidays can open old scars that have begun to heal. The media’s portrayal of happy families over the holidays can make you mourn the loss of your family unit even more deeply.

Holiday Blues: Not all just dancing sugarplums in our heads
Pactrick Air Force Base
So says Ms. Mindy Phelps, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the 45th Medical Operations Squadron, 45th Medical Group.

Protecting our children
Minuteman News Center
And Stephen Karp, executive director of the state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, said he was optimistic about the appointment.

Student claims unwed pregnancy led WSU, Salvation Army to block degree
The Detroit News
A former Wayne State University student has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging she was stopped from earning a master’s degree in social work because she was unmarried and pregnant.

Class to focus on LGBTQ clients’ lives
Royal Purple News
The class, Social Work with the LGBT Client, is a three-credit course available to students in the Social Work department. Instructor Dana Strohm said that the course’s objectives are to understand development of LGBTQ individuals from multiple perspectives and recognize the diversity of sexuality.

Swamped by Records-Keeping, Social Workers Fault New System
The Bay Citizen
At the meeting on Tuesday, a clinical social worker for San Francisco testified that he now spends less than half of his time with clients.

Economy puts squeeze on badly needed social workers
Asbury Park Press
Yet only about 5 percent of the nation’s approximately half-million social workers work in public schools, according to the National Association of Social Workers.

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