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News Items – December 8, 2011

Local Impact of Global Twitter Networks
The Engine Room
In this case, Twitter makes it possible for an individual 6000 miles away to contribute to the coordination of crisis response.

A New Theory for the Foreign Policy Frontier: Collaborative Power
The Atlantic
I will call it collaborative power and define it as the power of many to do together what no one can do alone. Consider the power of water. Each drop is harmless; enough drops together create a tsunami that can level a landscape.

Reclaiming Margaret Sanger’s legacy
Now is a fitting time to reconsider the life of Margaret Sanger. The United Nations marked Oct. 31 as the day the global population reached 7 billion, a milestone greeted with both celebration and consternation around the world.

Native Americans Expose the Adoption Era and Repair Its Devastation
Indian Country Today
“In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, children were removed from Indian families because auntie was taking care of them, and the system called that neglect. But it was simply a different cultural way of meeting the child’s needs. To this day, social workers who remove Native children don’t know what an Indian family is and what supports are available in the extended family and tribe.”

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy: Stopping Sexual Abuse in Sports and Every Institution
Huffington Post
It is not one or two individuals who have failed the survivors of child rape and sexual assault at Penn State, Syracuse University, and in our churches and schools across the country. We are failing our children. We have created a system that often colludes with perpetrators, supports them and creates a norm that allows sexual assault and child rape to continue. And by blaming individuals alone, we lose the opportunity to upend that system and create policies and systems that protect our children, instead of perpetuating harm.

How an interfaith family can celebrate the holidays
The Washington Post
This is particularly true this year since Christmas and Chanukah overlap. The convergence brings up new questions for parents of different traditions. Questions that Jennifer Kogan, a D.C.-based clinical social worker and occasional contributor to On Parenting who has worked with families on this issue, says are best worked out between parents privately before they’re opened up to other family and friends (or Web forums).

Will Latinos Help Re-elect Obama?
The American Prospect
Two studies cited in a report from the National Association of Social Workers found that that, depending on the jurisdiction, anywhere from 55 percent to 87 percent of “serious criminal” arrests through ICE’s programs stem from misdemeanors such as traffic violations.

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