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News Items – December 5, 2018

Victor Armstrong is a member:
Now Mental Health Patients Can Specify Their Care Before Hallucinations and Voices Overwhelm Them
The New York Times
Even skeptics of [psychiatric advance directives] value that they let patients pre-authorize involvement of family or friends. In crises, patients might be too unstable or paranoid to give permission, said Victor Armstrong, a vice president for Atrium Health who runs Behavioral Health Charlotte, a 66-bed psychiatric facility.

Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Recognizing the 40th Anniversary of the Indian Child Welfare Act
Eighteen national child welfare and child advocacy organizations — including the Child Welfare League of American, the National Association of Social Workers, and the North American Council on Adoptable Children — are united in their view that the Indian Child Welfare Act is the gold standard for child welfare policies and practices that should be afforded to all children.

Judge revises fixes for troubled Texas foster care system
Austin Statesman
“The workload study is way of her saying, ‘OK I can’t enforce this, but requiring DFPS to do this work and to make it public, advocates and the Legislature and everyone who cares about CPS can use this to hold their feet to the fire,’” said Will Francis, government relations director for the Texas chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Terri Keener is a member:
Vegas Strong Resiliency Center shares coping tips for holidays
“For those who lost family, friends, or colleagues from the shooting, facing the holidays, anniversaries and other special events without our loved one is very painful,” Terri Keener, a licensed clinical social worker and Behavioral Health Coordinator at the Resiliency Center, said.

Stephanie Harness-Gambill is a member:
‘Go kill yourself’ is popular teen expression. Is bullying culture unavoidable?
KnoxNews (TN)
“Go kill yourself” and other types of suicide-minded phrases have gained popularity within the last three years, according to Dr. Stephanie Harness-Gambill, a licensed clinical social worker who facilitates therapy for teenagers daily and teaches family therapy in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s College of Social Work.

Renee Burgard is a member:
Give Thanks: The Role of Gratitude in Combating Burnout
Medical Bag
“Paying attention just once a day to what you appreciate is enough to have an effect on your life,” wrote Renee Burgard, LCSW, a psychotherapist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation and featured expert on a Sutter Health blog about gratitude.

Barbi Topek is a member:
Aren’t holidays supposed to make us happy?
TMC news
“I think sometimes people feel sad as the holidays near and they are not even realizing why,” said Barbi Topek, a licensed clinical social worker at Menninger.

Orley Bills is a member:
Stressed out for the holidays? Here’s how to deal with it
“Finding moments of silence, if you’re in a family party of a long drive with lots of screaming kids,” said Orley Bills, licensed clinical social worker at Primary Children’s Hospital. He said it’s important to take care of yourself.

Mental Health Clinic Finds A New Home In Walmart
The Fix
Currently, the Texas clinic has one licensed clinical social worker and provides treatment for anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues and other common stressors. Patients can go online or call to schedule appointments. Walk-ins are also welcome.

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