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News Items – December 19, 2018

Stark racial disparities exist for teens tried as adults in Allegheny County. Can anything be done to change it?
Pittsburgh CityPaper
According to Vaughn’s analysis, Black youth make up about 80 percent of these cases, but Black youth only account for about 20 percent of Allegheny County’s 14-17 year old population. According to a 2018 report from the National Association of Social Workers, Black youth nationwide made up 47 percent of cases where teens are transferred to adult court, despite only making up 14 percent of the youth population. In addition to the stark discrepancy between white and Black teens arrested and charged as adults, Black teens face ever-escalating battles in Allegheny County’s adult courts.

Claire Lerner is a member:
Is spanking child abuse? Fresno Assemblyman Arambula’s arrest opens debate
The Fresno Bee
Claire Lerner, a licensed clinical social worker and child development specialist, said a critical piece of disciplining children is not shaming the parents for their actions, but rather giving them the opportunity to learn about alternatives. “Our approach needs to be one that engages parents and doesn’t shut them down through shaming,” she said. Lerner said spanking is a “very tough issue” because many parents today were spanked during childhood. But she said no parent really wants to spank their child.

Laura Lohr is a member:
Can Seasonal Affective Disorder Affect Your Sex Life? Experts Explain
Elite Daily
If it makes you feel any better, seasonal affective disorder is apparently super common. Laura Lohr, a sex therapist and licensed clinical social worker associate, says that psychotherapists are often busier this time of year due to a spike in SAD. For people with the condition, “sex might be the last thing on their mind because they are consumed with sadness.” This is totally understandable when you think about it. Lohr adds, “When you’re sad or feeling depressed, if you have tears rolling down your cheeks, are you thinking about sexy time with your partner? Probably not!”

Laura Lohr is a member:
When Your Significant Other Is Having Doubts About Your Future, Here’s How You’ll Know
Elite Daily
Laura Lohr, a sex therapist and licensed clinical social worker associate, recommends asking yourself a few questions about your partner’s recent behavior. “Is your partner becoming more distant? Do you sense a fear of commitment? Have you been dating for a while and feel like the relationship isn’t going anywhere? Maybe you feel stuck in the friend zone,” she suggests.

Laura Reagan is a member:
11 Therapy Podcasts That Offer Professional-Level Self-Care From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Therapy Chat Podcast: Psychology Today compares licensed clinical social worker Laura Reagan’s Therapy Chat to the same kind of compassionate experience you get with from famed professor Brene Brown. Episodes address managing chronic illnesses, trauma, self-care techniques, and more. You can listen on Reagan’s website or subscribe on iTunes.

Jim Cunningham is a member:
For Your Health: Tips for managing the holiday blues
My Central Jersey
The holiday season is in full swing, and while it may be a happy and joyous time for many, there are some who find it depressing and/or stressful. While depression can occur at any time of the year, it is often amplified during the holiday season. To help raise awareness about holiday depression, also known as “holiday blues,” Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Medical Center’s licensed clinical social workers, Jim Cunningham, LCSW, executive director of behavioral health services and Maria Hoppas, LCSW, clinician, would like to share some tips.

Toni Coleman is a member:
What Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas’s Body Language Says About Their Relationship, According to an Expert
From their whirlwind romance to their lavish wedding, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s romance seems to have progressed at the speed of light. Still, there’s always more to a relationship than meets the eye. So, PureWow chatted exclusively with nonverbal communications expert, relationship coach and psychotherapist Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC, to dig a little deeper and give us a sense of what the couple’s relationship is like behind the scenes. Spoiler alert: It was insightful as hell.

Orley Bills III is a member:
[Video] Help your kids deal with the holiday stress (Salt Lake City, UT)
It’s no surprise that adults feel stressed during the holiday season, but kids can too. Orley Bills III, a clinical social worker at Primary Children’s shares some tips to help your kids overcome those stresses. Stress can come from seeing their friends getting fancy gifts, knowing they’re not going to get those types of presents. Sometimes, kids see this when they go back to school after the break, or on social media.

Liz Owens is a member:
Speranza House opens on Washington St.: New women’s recovery center is a labor of love
The Daily News (Greensburg, IN)
Each resident is required to attend five or more 12-step based support meetings per week as well as securing and meeting regularly with a sponsor from groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous, (NA) and Celebrate Recovery (CR). Licensed Clinical Social Worker Liz Owens, a member of the Speranza House Board of Directors and a working staff member, conducts weekly counseling sessions with all residents, and each resident meets regularly with Executive Director and Peer Recovery Coach Teresa Ruble.


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