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News Items – August 29, 2018



Jesse Bennett and Donald McDonald are members:
Why doesn’t North Carolina’s Opioid Action Plan consider Medicaid expansion?
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)
Our General Assembly’s decision to continually reject Medicaid expansion not only exacerbates the opioid epidemic and is detrimental for future generations, but it also means that we’re losing out on billions of federal dollars that can spur economic growth and job creation. It’s time to put politics aside and come together for a real solution to the opioid epidemic. Close the coverage gap. Expand Medicaid. No more excuses. (Jesse Bennett is the Statewide Overdose Prevention Coordinator for the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. Donald McDonald is the Executive Director of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina.)

NASW-CA is mentioned:
Governor Signs Bill Addressing Shortage of Social Workers
East County Today
On Monday, Governor Brown signed AB 456, authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, (D-Richmond), which removes barriers that impede clinical social workers from advancing into their careers and providing services. The bill passed out of both Legislative houses with bipartisan support.… This bill is sponsored by the National Association of Social Worker (California Chapter), Seneca Family Agencies, and Lincoln Families, and is supported by the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Dena Bubrick-Tranen is a member:
Wednesday: Coping with difficult work environments
St. Louis Public Radio
On Wednesday’s St. Louis on the Air, host Don Marsh will discuss how to deal with behaviors such as workplace bullying along with misunderstandings and other issues that can contribute to a toxic job situation. Joining him for the conversation will be local therapist Dena Bubrick-Tranen of Middle Way Counseling and Consulting and Matt Grawitch, director of strategic research at Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies. Bubrick-Tranen holds a master’s degree in social work from Washington University’s Brown School, and one of her specialties is helping individuals deal with difficult people and find a path forward.

NASW-GU is mentioned:
New bill aims to expedite social work licensure for Guam
It would be a first for Guam’s social workers. A new bill could help social workers achieve licensure as required by the Social Work Practice Act adopted six years ago. And now, members of the National Association of Social Workers Guam Chapter are urging support for the bill. Introduced last week, Bill 334-34 could fix challenges that have prevented the licensure, and create and expedite the process, Dr. Lisa Natividad with the NASW Guam Chapter said.

Edward Newman was a member:
Obituary: Dr. Edward Newman, 84, Temple social-work professor
The Inquirer (Philadelphia, PA)
Dr. Edward Newman, 84, of Elkins Park, a professor at Temple University’s School of Social Work who early in his career was a commissioner for the disabled in the Nixon administration, died Saturday, Aug. 18, of pancreatic cancer at his home.… For 12 years ending in the 1980s, Dr. Newman was active with the accrediting council for the National Association of Social Workers. He also served as the governmental affairs chair for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

NASW is mentioned:
Why Conservatives Are Rebranding Conversion Therapy Bans As ‘Must Stay Gay’ Bills
But LGBTQ advocates working to outlaw conversion therapy say bills like California’s merely recognize what nearly every leading medical association has already concluded: Orientation change efforts don’t work. “No matter what those who practice conversion therapy call their practice, it is important to recognize that the dangerous and discredited practice doesn’t become less harmful with new words,” claimed Sam Brinton, head of advocacy and government affairs at the Trevor Project, in a statement to INTO. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Medical Association, and American Psychiatric Association have condemned orientation change efforts as “dangerous and ineffective.” Conversion therapy “cannot and will not change sexual orientation,” claimed the National Association of Social Workers in a 2000 position paper.

Jordyn Paradis Hagar is a member:
Your family feels the fallout of physician burnout too
AMA Wire
In recent years, increasing attention has been focused on the crisis of physician burnout—the damage to doctors, risk to patients and strain on the health system. What’s largely left out of the discussion is the effect of burnout on physician families.… In her story for the magazine, “How Physician Burnout Affects Relationships,” licensed clinical social worker Jordyn Paradis Hagar notes that “when a physician is experiencing a state of burnout, the relationship or marriage can start to suffer.”

David Ward is a member:
[Audio] Men & Friendship: How Do Men Make and Maintain Friendships?
Maine Public Radio
How do men approach making and maintaining friends, and how has loneliness and depression increased now that society puts pressure on men to emphasize work and family over fostering their own friendships? We’ll discuss how men communicate — or don’t — and how that affects their relationships, particularly with other men. Guests: Rebecca Schwartz-Mette, Ph.D., assistant professor of clinical psychology, director of the Peer Relations Lab at University of Maine; R. Bruce Thompson, MA, Ph.D., professor of psychology, human development in the department of psychology, University of Southern Maine; David Ward (by phone), licensed clinical social worker practicing psychotherapy in Yarmouth; and Theo Greene (by phone), Ph.D., assistant professor of sociology, Bowdoin College.

Rayna Jenks is a member:
‘Life-saving grace’: New program combines Catholic faith with 12 steps
Catholic Sentinel
Rayna Jenks is a licensed clinical social worker and manager of the outpatient substance abuse treatment program at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. She said addiction is the result of chemical changes in the brain that lead to ongoing, self-destructive behavior. “We all do routine behaviors all the time, such as drinking a cup of water or coffee,” said Jenks. “Certain behaviors activate a reward system in the brain, and for some people substances light up reward pathways in ways they don’t for others; they have a vulnerability for it.” The more the vulnerable person repeats a behavior or uses a substance, the more the brain will change.

Tara Bradbury is a member:
La Grange counselor says back-to-school a great time to get organized
The Chicago Tribune
To help stressed-out families, and those who aren’t necessarily stressed out but looking for ways to improve their approach, Tara Bradbury of La Grange recently launched an executive functional counseling business. After many years as a school social worker, the licensed clinical social worker is pursuing her own version of the American Dream, hanging a shingle in a business space in downtown La Grange. “I’ve found it is a huge need with kids — trying to get organized. Some haven’t learned basic things, like how to fill out an assignment notebook or organize their schedule,” says Bradbury, a mom of three who knows what is involved with keeping everyone going in their right direction.

Lisa Ferentz is a member:
7 Toxic Habits Of Emotionally Abusive Partners
Difficult as it may be, admitting to yourself that you are caught in an emotionally abusive relationship is a critical first step. “It can be challenging and scary to fully embrace the truth about being in a relationship with an abusive partner,” said Lisa Ferentza licensed clinical social worker and educator specializing in trauma. “When you have invested your time and your heart in a relationship and much of your world revolves around that person, it can feel easier or safer to make up excuses or downplay the impact of the abuser’s behaviors.”

South Texas PRIDE: Fiesta Youth expands support program for LGBTQIA youth
Fiesta Youth also offers monthly meetings for parents. “On the second Tuesday of the month, we do a parent night, which is usually facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker,” Garcia Parsons said. “We provide parent support, like how can they help their child, what can they do to make their kid’s life a little easier because they’re already going to school. They’re already facing enough obstacles as it is. The one safe place they need besides this place, besides Fiesta Youth, is their own home.”

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