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News Items – August 24, 2016

Brett Greenfield is a member:
Brett Greenfield, guest columnist: State of Texas again failing imperiled children in CPS scandal
The Waco Tribune (TX)
Child welfare is a challenging field. One of the tragic realities in our world is that children experience abuse and neglect at the hands of those who are supposed to care for them. Equally as tragic is the fact that many of these caregivers doing harm were never cared for in the way they deserved either and so our collective society has allowed this cycle to continue for generations.

Crystal Hayes, the writer, is a member:
Do black women’s lives matter to social work?
The Huffington Post
As a social worker, I am calling specifically on us to do better as a profession when it comes to our commitments to promoting social justice and anti-racism in the world and culture steeped in persistent anti-Black racism, heterosexism, patriarchal violence and misogyny, and anti-queer antagonism and violence. Social workers have a responsibility to intensively examine the ways that gender intersects and shapes police violence against Black and Brown women so that we can do the work to interrupt it and intervene whenever we find it and so that we do not unintentionally reenact, mimic, or perpetuate violence against vulnerable populations while we try to help them.

Joel Rubin is executive director of NASW-IL:
Shout Out: Joel Rubin, Turning Point board of directors
The Chicago Review
Joel Rubin, a Skokie resident, has been appointed to the board of directors at Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center. He, along with other new members Scott Holtz and Randall Roberts, will serve a three-year term. According to its website, Turning Point is an outpatient mental health center that was established in 1969.

Beth Rosenbaum is a member:
Eating disorders are an increasingly common struggle for women in their thirties and beyond
Women whose eating disorders spike in midlife have likely been suffering for years – not only from the physical toll of bingeing, purging or restricting food, but from decades of shame and isolation. Older patients often say, “I must be the only woman my age who deals with this,” says Beth Rosenbaum, the social worker who leads Renfrew’s Philadelphia-area support groups for midlife women.

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