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News Items – August 23, 2012

Guard, Reserve suicide rate sees big spike
Chiarelli admitted the Army has a tougher time getting the word out to reservists and guardsmen about suicide prevention programs. These soldiers have less contact with commanders and often report to their units only once a month.

How to find the right mental health practitioner
“In addition to finding someone with the appropriate training, experience and competence to treat your particular issues, look for someone with the ability to establish rapport, develop trust, good listening skills and a genuine interest in your well being,” says Dr. Amos Martinez, adjunct professor at Argosy University, Denver and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Making A Difference : Everyday Hero Monique Marks
WDIV Detroit
Several years ago, as Monique Marks contemplated law school her soon to be husband, Attorney Bertram Marks told her “You would make a fine lawyer, but you are really a social worker. You should get a Masters Degree in Social Work.” Monique took his advice and has been social working ever since.

American Indian spiritual beliefs influential in spurring youth to avoid drugs
Medical Xpress
The study, “Spirituality and Religion: Intertwined Protective Factors for Substance Use Among Urban American Indian Youth,” was recently published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The authors are: Stephen Kulis, the study’s principal investigator and ASU School of Social and Family Dynamics professor; David R. Hodge, ASU School of Social Work associate professor; Stephanie L. Ayers, ASU Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center associate director of research; Eddie F. Brown, ASU American Indian Studies professor and American Indian Policy Institute executive director; and Flavio F. Marsiglia, ASU School of Social Work professor.

State’s Ready by 21 prepares foster youth for life
The Baltimore Sun
The program, established by Theodore Dallas, when he became secretary of the Department of Human Resources more than a year ago, helps prepare teens in foster care for adulthood with job training and financial literacy courses and assistance in finding stable housing and securing healthcare.

Declining Numbers Spark Concerns About the Future of Marriage
Not everyone shares Albertson’s dire view of the future of marriage. Powerful influences still steer many couples toward matrimony, said LeslieBeth Wish, a psychologist and licensed clinical social worker based in Sarasota.

How to help your child cope with divorce
“Parents set the tone in the way that they explain a family transition to their children, according to Risa Garon, a licensed clinical social worker and the executive director and co-founder of the National Family Resiliency Center.

DCS official denies claim that ex-subordinate wrote school papers for her
Indianapolis Star
Reamer chaired the national task force that wrote the latest version of the National Association of Social Work’s code of ethics. “There are some troubling issues here with regard to the process that was followed, apart from the validity of the allegations themselves, which I’m not in a position to judge,” he said.

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