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News Items – August 16, 2013

MTSU gives national social worker market big boost
The Murfreesboro Post
Middle Tennessee State University officials say partnerships with two other universities will provide the labor market with greater numbers of highly qualified social workers. The Council on Social Work Education issued initial accreditation for the Mid-TN Collaborative Master of Social Work Program administered by MTSU, Tennessee State University and Austin Peay State University in June.

Social Work and the Ideals of Social Justice
Social Justice Solutions
Readers of SJS will know that we speak on many social justice topics, from fair wages to the right to protection under the law and much more. But what is the solution to the problems and injustices that we speak of? The answer varies, but for the University of New England’s Social Work Program the answer seems to be something simple.

Event to encourage family togetherness
Illinois State
Poetry, drum circles and sculpture may not come to mind as a first line of defense against substance abuse, but Illinois State University’s School of Social Work is offering a day of fun activities in the hopes of laying the groundwork for substance-free lives for children.

Grant enables UI School of Social Work to offer seminars to nursing home social workers
University of Iowa
Thanks to a recent grant, the University of Iowa (UI) School of Social Work will be leading an initiative to produce 30 web-based seminars (or webinars) for nursing home social workers—the first series of its kind nationally.

‘Joining Forces’ with America’s social workers to help military veterans and their families: Jill Biden
As one Marine wife and mother recently told me, “People have no idea what 10 years of war will do to a family.  All my kids have ever known is war.” That’s why, over the past two years, the First Lady and I have been working to raise awareness of the service and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and their families through our Joining Forces initiative, to help forge an enduring national commitment to supporting them.

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