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  1. Today, April 8, 2014, Sammy’s Bill was presented to the Human Services Committee in Sacramento. The bill was aimed at bringing more accountability to the system, which should be good for EVERYONE – including social workers. The bill was named after baby Sammy who was removed from his home because his mother requested a second medical opinion. In that case, as with many others that make the news, it would benefit social workers in DCFS to have evidence of their claims that they did the right thing. The importance of what DCFS does cannot be minimized. It is HUGELY important to our society that children are protected, and social workers are on the front lines. Since I’m sure that all social workers chose to work in this field to be able to HELP people, to SOLVE problems, and to RELIEVE suffering – it should be a great relief to have accountability that will ensure that positive good is the most common result. And I understand that with every change in a system, there is some inconvenience. But THIS change will actually help. Many of you KNOW how broken the system is right now. Accountability is the ONLY way to improve things. Bad decisions may help build the case load and bring more money, but in the end it hurts those who must go against what they know is right – just to keep their jobs.

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