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News Items – April 22, 2014


Nurses, social workers visit homes to aid young children
The Seattle Times
Photo essay on nurses and social workers who visit homes to aid young children.

Millie Charles is a Social Work Pioneer:
Millie Charles, the consummate team player, to receive The Times-Picayune Loving Cup
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA)
Don’t let the spelling fool you. There is no “I” in Millie Charles. Whenever the legendary social worker talks about her long life, in which she has confronted the forces of segregation, taught generations of students and done as much as she could to ensure that poor people got a fair shake, it’s always in terms of a group. “We always did things as a group,” she said on a recent afternoon. “It was never an ‘I’; it was always a ‘we.’ . . . I didn’t do any of this by myself. Not any. . . . We had to work together to accomplish things. One person can’t do it alone.”

Adult day care provides peace of mind to families
Katie Holmes, a social worker at Be Our Guest, said the organized activities make patrons feel like they’re part of a group. “We make them feel normal again,” Holmes said. “They’re part of a club where they’re appreciated again.” Holmes said residents feel like they’re accomplishing things. Holmes said she enjoys her work. “You get paid to love someone’s grandma,” she said.

Social work student wants second chance for convicted felons
Dalton Daily Citizen
Melissa Clayton, a former meth addict and convicted felon, is enrolled in a social work program at Dalton State College. She advocates the elimination of asking about felony convictions on job applications for nonviolent offenders who have turned their lives around.

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