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News Items – December 6, 2010

Comfort food
“About 75 percent of the population overeats at one time or another, and it’s usually caused by emotion, so they’re eating in response to feelings instead of hunger,” said Carolie Meccico, a certified eating disorder specialist and a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in South Ogden.

Is My Child Depressed? (press release)
There is a solution, according to Gary M Unruh, MSW LCSW, a forty-year-veteran child mental health counselor: “Attention to depression needs to start in the home as early as three years of age.…”

Social workers are doing their part for reform
As a result, social workers are now part of three high-level project teams convened by the CEO office and meeting weekly. We are working together to reform the emergency response system, streamline and improve policies and address training.

Malloy names Conn. Supreme Court Justice Joette Katz to lead DCF
New Haven Register
Stephen Karp, executive director of the state chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, said he was optimistic about the appointment. He said the organization was willing “to share our thoughts and offer our assistance in any way we can.

Ashland University Professor Believes Social Work Perception Needs
The director of Ashland University’s Social Work program is doing her best to change the traditional perception of the field of social work as well as society’s stereotype of those working in that field.

Healing ill children’s families, too
Washington Post
“That was really important to me – that the father saw that child before he died,” said Edie Mead, a social worker in the neonatal intensive-care unit at Children’s Hospital.

Addressing human needs
American Veterinary Medical Association
Elizabeth B. Strand, PhD, director of veterinary social work at the University of Tennessee, has defined veterinary social work as a new discipline that includes counseling for pet loss and management of compassion fatigue for people whose jobs involve animal care.

Hospitals struggle to reduce readmissions for chronically ill
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Each patient was assigned a case manager, nurse and/or social worker to talk by phone with a discharged patient and help coordinate care.

Are You A Compulsive Shopper?
“The dangers of compulsive shopping can affect lots of factors of your life,” said Nancee Blum, a social work specialist in the psychiatrist department at the University of Iowa.

Wyoming youth crisis shelters struggle with change in juvenile services
Casper Star-Tribune Online
“But the best practice in social work is keeping kids close and working with the parents so they can keep them in the home,” he added.

Estrategias para sobrellevar las fiestas para padres separados o divorciados
La Sra. Garon es una trabajadora social clínica, matriculada, diplomada y certificada por la junta estatal y educadora de vida familiar certificada.

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