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News Items – September 13, 2017

6 Actions Social Workers Can Take to Stand with Dreamers
Social Work Helper
As social workers, we know that anything that threatens the wellbeing and livelihood of our communities, it becomes an issue that impacts our profession and our country. As our National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics indicates the primary mission of our profession is to enhance the human well-being of all people, help meet basic needs and empower individuals. When we entered this profession, we did so under an obligation to uphold a core set of values of service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, and integrity which are the foundation our code of ethics is built on.



Mallory Grimste is a member:
Social Media Anxiety Disorder, Explained
Teen Vogue
Over the past few years, teen and adults alike have been measuring their worth, confidence levels, even happiness on the number of shares and likes they get on their posts — or lack thereof. SMAD can leave us wondering if we’re good enough, pretty enough, popular enough — and that can suck up our time and stop us from healthier interactions. “My teen clients stress over the perfect thing to write to others and sometimes when they don’t receive a similar response, it starts real-life feuds,” says Mallory Grimste, LCSW. Another very real example is the battle between parents and their teens around social media and cell phone usage in general, she says.

Karen Koenig is a member:
Does My Partner Understand Me? 7 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Really Get You
You and your partner shouldn’t be expected to perfectly understand each other right away, though. Understanding is something you can work toward over time. “When your partner takes actions that make you feel as if they don’t understand you, you can say so at the time in a non-defensive, non-accusatory manner,” psychotherapist Karen R. Koenig, M.Ed., LCSW, tells Bustle.

Laura Jacobs is a member:
Clashing Communities: Autistic and LGBTQ individuals fight for their right to be both
The Columbia Chronicle (NY)
Studies attempting to link autism and gender dysphoria have recently emerged, including “Gender Dysphoria and Co-Occurring Autism Spectrum Disorders: Review, Case Examples, and Treatment Considerations,” published in the LGBT Health Journal in 2014, to which Laura Jacobs, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist contributed. The conclusion reached was—by the suggestion of the authors—that ASDs do not preclude gender transition, and those with high-functioning ASDs are able to make informed decisions regarding their medical choices and general well-being.

Ilene Fishman is a member:
This Anorexia Treatment Probably Doesn’t Work. It Might Have Something To Tell Us Anyway.
The Huffington Post
But research shows that multiple factors ― genetics; family dynamics; perfectionism; even other mental health conditions, like obsessive-compulsive disorder ― can all play a role in someone developing anorexia nervosa. “Many variables contribute to the development of eating disorders, including biological and psychological factors,” says Ilene Fishman, a clinical social worker and co-founder of the National Eating Disorders Association.

Karol Ward is a member:
11 Surprising Ways To Win An Argument With Kindness
Start your side of the argument from a place of curiosity as opposed to a place of a definite opinion. “You can communicate curiosity by saying things such as, ‘I’d like to understand more how we got off track’ or ‘I’m not completely sure what went wrong here, but I’d like to try and figure it out,'” says therapist and confidence expert Karol Ward, LCSW over email.

Karen Haynes is a member and a Social Work Pioneer:
President Haynes Recognized As Social Work Pioneer
California State University, San Marcos
Cal State San Marcos President Karen Haynes has been honored as a National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Pioneer. The Social Work Pioneer Program was created to honor members of the social work profession who have contributed to the evolution and enrichment of the profession. The Pioneer Program identifies and recognizes individuals whose unique dedication, commitment and determination have improved social and human conditions. NASW Pioneers are considered role models for future generations of social workers. Their contributions are reflected in every aspect of the profession, as well as in the establishment of social policies and human services programs.

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