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News Items – October 17, 2011

NYer Of The Week: Social Worker Helps Pet Owners Deal With Loss, Finds Homes
Kittens that are up for adoption at the Hope Veterinary Clinic will give their owners years of companionship, but at some point, those owners will have to deal with losing them. That’s where Juliet Sternberg comes in. She’s a social worker who does grief counseling for pet owners. “It’s a loss that can bring up so many other things. The decade and a half that they have spent with this animal has often been quite tumultuous, or it raises everything that has gone on in that whole time,” says Sternberg.

Mt. Hebron’s Safety Net Project Aims to Prevent Bullying
[This article was written by Kristin Cole, a social worker and director of the Safety Net Project.] For last week’s Anti-Bullying Program within the Montclair Public School District, a number of schools developed and delivered various activities and programs aimed at preventing bullying.

Conference inspires ideas to help military families
Fayetteville Observer
Anthony Raphael, a social worker at Owen Elementary School, said the conference inspired him to start a support group for military parents at his school on Raeford Road. The idea is for military families to share their concerns and suggest where to find help, from either Fort Bragg or in the civilian community, he said.

Feeding the masses, fueling a movement
Wall Street Journal
Seventy-year-old Phyllis Coelho plunged her blue gloved hands into a plastic sink of gray soapy water and spent an afternoon last week cheerfully washing dishes “to support the revolution.” The retired social worker had traveled from Belfast, Maine, the day before with her 78-year-old friend and fellow dishwasher, Jane Sanford. They headed directly to the protest at Zuccotti Park because, they said, it was time to “show up.

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