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News Items – May 5, 2011

How to talk to kids about Osama bin Laden
The Washington Post
For a more localized point of view, I asked Laura Newton, the Montgomery County School Counseling Services Supervisor and D.C . family therapist Jennifer Kogan.

Signs Your Spouse is Experiencing Postpartum Depression
Associated Content
To help understand the signs of postpartum depression and how you can help your spouse if he /she has postpartum depression, I have interviewed psychotherapist Jennifer Kogan LCSW.

Immunizing children in Milwaukee
Michelle Watts is a Milwaukee social worker.

One Prescription for Emotional Problems: Talk With a Professional
Barbara Heffernan, LCSW, LADC (the acronyms stand for “licensed clinical social worker” and “licensed alcohol and drug counselor”), is one of the psychotherapists with a practice in Norwalk. In a recent interview she explained her own approach to psychotherapy.

Social work coalition gives Humboldt State University $50K grant for Native
The California Social Work Education Center has given Humboldt State University’s Department of Social Work a $50000 contract to administer the American Indian Recruitment (AIR) Program for all of Northern California. According to a press release, the $50,000 will fund ongoing recruitment and advising of potential social work students from the tribes of Northern California.

Is your boss a bully, or just a tough cookie?
“Power and success are very attractive qualities,” said Tracy Whitaker, director of the Center for Workforce Studies & Social Work Practice, National Association of Social Workers, who has researched workplace bullying. “People see Donald Trump and they see success, but people have to understand that tough and demanding is different than unreasonable and arbitrary.”

Debt weighs on NC consumers
Charlotte Post
The founder of the Center for Financial Social Work says there is more to financial literacy than learning that a T-bill means a treasury bond. Director Reeta Wolfsohn warns that, at a time when the financial stability of families is as important as it has ever been, something is missing from our lessons.

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