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News Items – May 23, 2014

WEB_Hassan_wins_iava_award-307x400Anthony Hassan is an NASW member:
Hassan saluted for his work with veterans and the community
Five years ago, Anthony Hassan left a military career to become the founding director of a social work center at USC. 

Today, both he and the Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families (CIR) at the USC School of Social Work are known for their mission to help veterans make a smooth transition into their civilian communities. In recognition of Hassan’s work over the years — especially in informing the military social work curriculum that aims to graduate students who can understand the unique challenges now facing the military community — the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) presented him with its 2014 Civilian Service Award.

Jeanne Cook is an NASW member:
Jeanne Cook: Better training means better protection for children
The State
As a social-work educator and a social worker with more than 25 years of experience in public and private child welfare in South Carolina, I have followed the crisis at the Department of Social Services with a mixture of sadness and frustration. The sadness comes from the loss of children’s lives despite the existence of a public system that is supposed to protect these young ones. The frustration comes from observing our legislative leadership question who is at fault for these deaths, without taking the right steps to reduce the risks in the future.

Mariko Yamada is an NASW member:
Suicide-prevention training bill passes Assembly
The Bellingham Herald
A bill requiring mental health professionals to undergo suicide-prevention training passed the state Assembly on Monday, as California public health data shows suicide is on the rise.… Several Republican and Democratic lawmakers questioned whether a mandate is the best approach, noting opposition from professional groups. Democratic Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, a social worker, withheld her vote on the bill and said it is not clear whether a lack of training contributes to deaths.… The California chapter of the National Association of Social Workers opposed the bill, saying its members deal with a broad swath of issues and should be trusted to pursue classes relevant to their work.

Hoarders, homeless specialty of Dallas crisis team
The crisis team, whose 11 members include licensed social workers and counselors, doesn’t respond to the public’s calls. Instead, police or Dallas Fire-Rescue officials refer them to cases that social services can solve. Hogan manages the unit, which includes specialists in juvenile problems, homelessness, mental illness and the elderly. “All of us who work on the unit have a sense of mission,” Hogan said. “We go out to help others and always try to do the right thing. It’s not always easy, but personal courage drives us to do that.”

Jessica Holton is NASW-NC Board President:
[Video] In Dependence, a WNCT Roundtable on Addiction
Watch NASW-NC Board President Jessica Holton discuss addiction in the 3 part series of WNCT’s Roundtable on Addiction.

Kathleen Collins is an NASW member:
3 women from 3 generations of family graduate from 2 schools with honors
Fayetteville Observer
“It is a milestone, indeed,” said a beaming Kathleen Collins, who’s one of them. Collins, who’s 59, graduated magna cum laude from Fayetteville State this month with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Joining her was her 36-year-old daughter, Tori Collins-Newcombe, who graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. The family’s third diploma will be awarded June 6 to 18-year-old Nmyia Collins, Tori’s daughter, who will graduate from Massey Hill Classical High School near the top of her class.

Heather Coleman is an NASW member:
Protecting Children from Trafficking
Arlington Connection
On Thursday, May 15, representatives and staff throughout the Herndon school pyramid went to Herndon High auditorium for an evening presentation on Teen Sex Trafficking. The purpose of the event was to help parents understand the risks their children face, and how to help keep them safe. “This is the first time we are doing this presentation in Herndon,” said Heather Coleman, a social worker with Fairfax County Public Schools. Based on the success of this event, the Herndon schools are considering making this an annual event.

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