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News Items – June 13, 2014

The author, Michael LaSala, is an NASW member:
Republicans Dead Wrong On Reparative Therapy
Psychology Today
Recently, a group of Republicans in Texas, came out in support of reparative therapy for gay and lesbian people. It is worth noting that conversion therapy has been banned in California and also right here in my home state of New Jersey. It is also important to recognize that the professional organizations of most mental health providers, namely the National Association of Social Workers, the American Psychological Association, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and the American Psychiatric Association consider such therapy unethical, and some of these organizations prohibit its members from performing it.

Zander Keig is a member:
Trans men contemplate manhood in new book
Bay Area Reporter
he book is filled with “beautiful stories of men becoming fathers, husbands, brothers and about mentoring other men,” said Berkeley resident Zander Keig, 47, who came up with the idea for the book and co-edited it. Taken together the collection of essays is “a celebration of being a man and all of the different aspects each of them experience as a result of being men,” said Keig, a clinical social worker with the Department of Veterans Affairs who works with homeless vets.

Haluk Soydan is a member:
Social work and engineering join forces to solve societal woes
A mutually beneficial relationship between the disciplines of social work and engineering is not necessarily an obvious combination. However, leaders from the USC School of Social Work and USC Viterbi School of Engineering believe collaboration between the two fields is a completely appropriate development. “There is an organic relationship between social work and several other disciplines in a historical holistic perspective,” said Haluk Soydan, associate dean of research at the School of Social Work and director of the school’s Hamovitch Center for Science in the Human Services. “Engineering is about technical solutions, and social work is about social solutions. When you come down to it, there are questions and areas of interest that make them close to each other.”

Marylou Sudders is a member:
Bridgewater hospital given 45 days to address concerns
The Boston Globe
The agency that accredits hospitals, prompted by what it called “patient safety concerns,” conducted a surprise inspection of troubled Bridgewater State Hospital late last month and gave the facility 45 days to respond to the findings or risk losing accreditation. The Joint Commission did not release details of what it described as “a preliminary report” from the May 30 inspection. But Marylou Sudders, a former Massachusetts Department of Mental Health commissioner, said the agency does not “send their surveyors out unless there are serious allegations or concerns.”

Jo Brand on why she’s written a comedy about social workers
Radio Times
It’s a grim old life as a social worker. I’ve always felt rather sorry for them because of the awful reputation they seem to have. The title of my new one-off comedy, Damned, says it all really; if they do something right, nothing happens, but if they make a bad judgement and something terrible happens, then opprobrium upon opprobrium is heaped upon them. There aren’t many TV programmes made about social workers. If you think about how many hospital dramas there are, the difference is striking. People have such stereotypical views of what social workers are – from the 1950s “Lady Almoner” in her tweed suit, who is posh, went to Benenden and dispenses her advice everywhere, to the well-meaning, hessian bag-carrying, hippy in her sandals and socks. It is not, unsurprisingly, like that any more.

NASW-NC Will Co-Host a Virtual Town Hall On Social Workers in the Workplace
Social Work Helper
On June 23rd, 2014, the White House Council for Women and Girls in conjunction with the Department of Labor and the Center for American Progress will host a White House Summit on Working Families with President Obama in attendance. I have been invited to attend and participate in discussions to identify policy solutions to help increase outcomes for women and families in the workplace, so I reached out to the North Carolina Chapter of National Association of Social Workers (NASW) to help me identify the concerns most important to social workers as a female dominated profession. As a result, we will co-host a live Twitter Town Hall using the hashtag #swhelper as well as a Facebook Forum on the Social Work Helper Fanpage simultaneously on Tuesday, June 17th at 8PM EST.

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