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News Items – July 25, 2011

What’s in a Name? “Social Worker” Credentials Misused
Public News Service
Social workers in the region are stepping forward to set the record straight. The video, “Project Veritas,” appears to show Ohio Medicaid employees helping illegal-immigrant Russian drug dealers apply for benefits. The men were actors, and articles about the video condemn the state employees while calling them “social workers.”

A Conversation With Rebecca Onie, CEO of Health Leads
The Atlantic
Because Medicaid does not generally reimburse for social workers, case managers, or community health workers under the prevailing “fee for service” payment structure, each clinic must carve out precious discretionary funds from its operating budget for this purpose—resulting in limited capacity to address the real factors impacting patient health.

Some seek adventure at midlife
Poughkeepsie Journal
Ellen Smith, a licensed clinical social worker and professional life coach in Poughkeepsie, said doing something new and exciting can be life-affirming. “When people move out of their comfort zone they’re really re-energizing themselves,” she said. “They’re really pushing themselves to learn skills.”

Life after hate: Former gang member gets chance to share story of violent past
Journal Times
And much of it seems to have come together by chance, according to the 42-year old, who has earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work since his release. “Life has been like that since I’ve gotten it together,” said Rangel.

Open letter to Mayor Lee about violence in Bayview Hunters Point
San Francisco Bay View
2) Establish a preference for police academy candidates that have a social work degree, and require that all academy participants enroll in a San Francisco City College class on social work, in order to ensure that our law enforcement personnel are better attuned to social causes of crime and the spirit of social justice generally.

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