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News Items – August 12, 2014

[Audio] The Latino mental health picture
People of all backgrounds can suffer from mental health issues, but some groups fare better than others. Latinos are considered a high risk group for issues like anxiety, depression, and addiction. They are also less likely to get help. The reasons are both internal and external. We talk to two experts to get an overview of the state of Latino mental health. Dr. Manuel Guantez has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Turning Point since June 2001. Dr. Vincent Guilamo-Ramos is a professor and director of the doctoral program at the Silver School of Social Work.

Family History of Undertreatment May Discourage Blacks from Seeking Mental Health Care
Center for Advancing Health
The findings suggest that family can play an important role not just in encouraging individuals to seek out help but also discouraging people who need help from getting it, says Michael Lindsey, Ph.D., an associate professor of social work at New York University. “Family is important because they’re the first point of contact,” Lindsey says. “They’re often the first people who recognize that there’s a problem and can help problem solve about what the next steps will be, whether that’s to push or pull someone away from treatment.”

Aaron Hipp is a member:
How Can St. Louis Improve Biking, Walking Access?
St. Louis Public Radio
“I think overall we have great facilities in St. Louis and there has been a lot of improvement in the five years that I’ve lived here,” said Aaron Hipp, assistant professor of social work at Washington University in St. Louis. His research evaluates how built communities affect the activity and health of those who use them. However, Hipp said, “you can always do better, and where [the facilities] are and where the quality I would say is good, verses where things are not and the quality is not as good, is a big challenge for the community right now.”

Why Does Social Work School Have Business Classes?
St. Louis Public Radio
Embedding social workers with the business chops to spot and rapidly develop innovative solutions for problems: that was the bottom line when three years ago the Brown School began offering a specialization in social entrepreneurship for students like Sorenson. “You can be in the for-profit arena and still have a social mission,” said Amanda Moore McBride, associate dean for the Brown School.

Kurt Wellman is a member:
[Video] North Park residents want ways to stay safe
SanDiego6 TV news
North Park residents gathered for a community meeting Saturday to discuss ways to stay safe after a series of recent attacks on women. Kurt Wellman, community organizer and NASW member, helped organize the meeting.

Amanda Grella is a member:
[Video] Recognizing warning signs of depression
ABC-6 Indianapolis
“Thoughts of suicide and depression, mental illness, substance abuse doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, race. It affects everyone,” said St. Vincent Hospital clinical social worker Mandy Grella. Anger, substance abuse, impulsive behavior and social withdrawal are all warning signs to look out for.

Jennifer Mallott is a member:
[Video] Volunteers of America Indiana Richard Lugar Safe Haven’s New Facility
WFFT-TV (Ft. Wayne, IN)
Jen Malott a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the VA, says the Safe Haven doesn’t require the veterans to have a curfew or go through any sort or treatment programs. “It’s unacceptable for us to have a veteran sleeping on the street.” Malott says there are other facilities in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area where they can place veterans if Safe Haven is full. “We will never turn a veteran away.”

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